Boss Rush Banter: What Did You Think of E3’s Indie Spotlight?

On Monday, June 14th, E3 dedicated a full hour to the Indie Showcase. Historically, E3 has been known as a platform for blockbuster triple-A titles and for featuring large developers and publishers. Until now.

About two dozen indie titles were shown with gripping trailers and bite-sized interviews from their creators. The audience gets to know the faces behind these games–individuals who pursued their passion for content creation. Indie devs and their games have risen in popularity in the last few years, whether on their own or sponsored by larger corporations like Ubisoft or Nintendo.

I believe that this Indie Showcase was, without a doubt, a success. Getting to know the devs brings a personal touch, while the platform allows their games to reach incredible visibility. In addition to that, the variety of titles was expansive–there was something for everybody. We have simulators, platformers with cats, rogue-like shooters, and adventure platformers with cows and…”ancient civilizations”? The list is quite long with various release dates on various platforms.

Some of my favorites are highlighted below:

Fallen Aces. This first-person shooter (beat-em-up) crime noir is filled with style. The graphics are reminiscent of comic books, and the action is just heart-pumping!

Lifeslide is a casual atmospheric game where you glide around beautiful landscapes as a paper airplane.

Moo Lander. Remember when I mentioned the adventure platformer with cows? You need to fight your way through the game to recover a device that grants unlimited milk!

Below are screenshots of additional titles that were shown. This is not an all inclusive list!

Between the larger developers and publishers, I am thankful E3 dedicated this hour to the Indie Showcase. I believe it was a success and hope people do not overlook it. Keep an eye out for Boss Rush articles covering some of these titles!

Are you a fan of indie games? Did any titles catch your eye? Let us known on our dedicated E3 Discord channel for Boss Rush!

Source: Indie Showcase

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