Editorial: “Be a Goldfish”

Boss Rush Entertainment is pushing through the summer with a new weekly review series. Beginning July 25, you can catch weekly reviews of Ted Lasso here on Boss Rush Network. In honor and in anticipation of season two of Ted Lasso, I wanted to write an editorial on what I feel is the biggest lesson from the first season. To kick this lesson off, let’s take a look at this clip: 

“Be a goldfish” (Ted Lasso).

 If you are unfamiliar with Ted Lasso, it’s a show based around a Kansas City-born soccer coach (played by Jason Sudekis) who is in over his head as a soccer coach in England. 

Ted Lasso is easily one of the most liked characters on streaming services right now, and it’s easy to see why; Ted is a funny, relatable, and passionate person who lives his life with the goal to make everyone’s day better. In this particular episode, Ted is giving advice to one of his players who has let mistakes allow him to lose his focus. 

Take this opportunity to consider with me moments within our lives when we have allowed past mistakes to cause a distraction on the goals we are striving for. How can we keep our focus? I think as a writer it’s easy to say “be a goldfish and forget about the mistake”; but, how do we actually implement this and make it a reality? I struggle with my past mistakes all the time (it’s a terrible side effect of depression), but every time I feel down about the past, I remind myself that my past can’t be allowed to dictate my future. If you let your mistakes dictate your future, you are giving up on the most epic story of your life. Anyone can change and make the past seem like someone they have completely left behind. 

I think another lesson we can take away from the goldfish quote is that sometimes we get so bent out of shape over things that we lose sight of the big picture. One thing in my life that I really struggle with is holding grudges; I have lost out on a lot of great relationships because I held grudges for a reason that I honestly can’t remember. In our lives, sometimes we need to just take a second and ask ourselves “Is this something I really need to be upset about”? I think of different moments in my life when I acted brashly because I was caught up in the moment, and I forgot the bigger picture, but more importantly the impact I was making for my future. In a moment when you feel all sorts of different emotions, it’s important to take a second and “be a goldfish”; move on and keep striving to be better. 

What is a lesson you learned from Ted Lasso? Comment below, and we will give you a shoutout on the Boss Rush Entertainment twitter account!

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