Everything Announced at the ID@Xbox Showcase

Microsoft partnered with Twitch to showcase an ID@Xbox two hour event on August 10th. The ID@Xbox event is a showcase for all upcoming indie games coming to the Xbox family of systems. Continue reading to find out everything announced at the showcase, including some game announcements coming to Game Pass on day one!

Lightyear Frontier

The showcase starts with a teaser of Lightyear Frontier, a 4-player co-op open world farming simulator with base building, and an enriching narrative…with mechs. Yes, you heard that right. Expect this game to drop sometime in 2022.

The Wandering Village

In this city-building simulator set on top of a giant creature, you’re tasked with building and maintaining your village, all the while killing spores and other creatures to keep the ecosystem in your village, as well as the creature you’re living on top of, happy and content. No release date for this yet.

Lab Rat

In this over-the-top viewpoint puzzle game, you’re part of a lab experiment with a sentient computer overlord helping you solve puzzles. It seems the game tailors itself to the questions you answer, which adds to the uniqueness of the gameplay. Expect this game to come out on Series X/S and PC sometime in 2022.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright

A hand-drawn, storybook style game pits you as a fourth wall-like character (a high school student) that’s building a game whilst drawing in your notebook. You choose design mechanics and draw in items and enemies in your notebook. This game is coming out this winter for the Xbox One.

OlliOlli World

Following the success of the action platformer skateboard games OlliOlli, and OlliOlli Welcome to OlliWood, this OlliOlli World trailer showed full character customization with hundreds of different clothing and character combinations, as well as a variety of different riding styles. It’s also slated to run at 4K resolution and up to 120 FPS on the Series X. It’s coming to the Xbox family of systems this winter.

Inked: A Tale of Love

In this hand drawn game, your character navigates the puzzle-filled world, drawn and created by the Artist, with his partner Aiko. The tale begins with tragedy as Aiko is taken from him, and in order to get her back, he must embark on a long and arduous journey, with the help from the Artist. Expect this game soon for the Xbox family of systems on August 27.

Sam and Max Save The World Remastered

A small team of some of the original developers of Sam and Max Save The World came back to revitalize this classic from 2006. Both Sam and Max are detectives on a comical quest to stop an infamous crime syndicate. This game classic is available now on the Xbox family of systems!

Aeon Drive

This Metroidvania-style game is set in a futuristic Neo Barcelona, featuring fast action platforming and speedrunning. It also features 4-player multiplayer co-op and PvP. This game is coming the Xbox family of systems in fall of this year, but the demo is out now so you can get a taste for what Aeon Drive has to offer.

The Big Con

Set in the 1990s, you play as teen con artist Aly traveling America trying to save your mom’s video store (yes, very 90s). You have to devise clever schemes, pickpocket and rip people off to becoming successful in your quest. It also features a star-studded cast of voice actors like Troy Baker, Erika Ishii, Dave Fennoy, and many more. This game is available for preorder now, and is coming to the Xbox family of consoles August 31.

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is an audio-only narrative game. Yes, you heard that right. You play as a blind character becoming a warden of a small castle, and you must defend it from your enemies. This game is being developed in conjunction with the CNIB, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. This game will be out on August 19.

Aragami 2

In a sequel to the underrated hit Aragami, you play as a ninja in this third person stealth-based action game. Use the power of the shadows to vanquish the conquering demon army when this game comes out September 17th, and on Game Pass day one!

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteousness

Build your character and hone your skills and abilities in this CRPG. Recruit allies on your quest to defeat the evil plaguing the land, and maybe even find love and companionship. You’ll be able to play this game March 1, 2022 for the Xbox One.


Play with your dogs and take pictures of them. Play fetch, take them to parks, get them to skateboard, or just hang out and pet them! Mess around with different lenses and filters as you capture the perfect moment with your dogs. Game of the year right here! Expect this game soon, and on Game Pass when it releases!

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Play as one of four evil villains in this world-domination simulator as you build and manage your lair, recruit henchmen, and build weapons and traps to stop the forces of justice! Take over the world when this game comes out in Q4 2021, especially if you are a Game Pass subscriber. It’s good to be the bad guy sometimes.

Stardew Valley

One of the most popular farming and community building-simulator games in recent memory, Stardew Valley will be coming to Game Pass in the fall of this year.

Library of Ruina

Ever want to play a graphic novel librarian simulator game? Me too! Well, maybe…Anyway, here’s your chance to. In Library of Ruina, you are competing and battling against other librarians in order to gain their books, and put them in your library. This game is available right now–go!

Spacelines From The Far Out

Play this game solo or with friends in this procedurally-generated space adventure about building a intergalactic travel company. Careful, you’ll be subjected to health and mechanic inspections, so you better be on the up and up. You can play the demo now, and expect to play this game fully sometime this fall!

The Artful Escape

In The Artful Escape, you play as a typical teenage boy who aspires to become a great folk musician. His life changes when Carl Weathers (Dillon!!) drops from the sky and takes you on a journey to find yourself, and your sound in this side-scrolling platformer. Expect this game to drop on September 9 and day one on Game Pass as well!

That’s it for game announcements! The variety these independent developers are giving us is astounding! From taking pictures of dogs, farming with mechs, and playing as a blind adventurer in an audio-only narrative, there’s something here for everyone. Anything catch your eye? Let us know in the comments, or over on our Discord!

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