Boss Rush Banter: Which Non-Nintendo Exclusive Would You Love to Play on Nintendo Switch?

It is a great time to be a gamer. So many fantastic games are going to come out in the next few years, with developers seemingly announcing new games every week. Not to mention the indie scene, which is absolutely blowing up and not just for small one-off games, either. However, unless you have the funds to own the big three current consoles–assuming you are even lucky enough to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series S/X–playing all of the upcoming games is a tricky proposition. In a perfect world where licensing issues didn’t exist and Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all played nicely with each other, which upcoming Xbox or PlayStation exclusive would you love to play on the Nintendo Switch?

Now, in this hypothetical situation, you’d have to assume that the Switch had the technical prowess to display the game as best as possible. We aren’t talking about a cloud-based game, either. This would be a true-blue physical release on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

And that’s just the thing, right? The thing that makes Nintendo’s current console so appealing is the ability to take it on the go or enjoy it on the big screen. This specific feature is one that Nintendo’s competitors are dabbling in, but haven’t been quite as successful with. Sure, there is Xbox Cloud Gaming and PS Remote Play, but both of those options don’t work nearly as well as actually being able to take the console with you.

Could you imagine swinging through New York City as Miles Morales or Peter Parker in Insomniac’s recently announced sequel Spider-Man 2 while in the waiting room of your doctor’s office? Or channeling that berserker rage in the upcoming Wolverine solo game while on a car trip? What about exploring Master Chief’s next adventure while commuting on a bus? Or traveling the stars in the much hyped Starfield while flying on an airplane?

Not to mention one of my favorite features of the Nintendo Switch, which is the fact that you can just put the Switch to sleep regardless of where you are in a game, and then pick it back up and keep playing. Imagine how much more doable and realistic a run in Returnal would be if you could set the game down for a while in the middle of the game?

What about you? Which non-Nintendo game would you love to be able to play on your Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation in our Boss Rush Discord!

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