Boss Rush Banter: Will Pokémon Ever Add New Character Types Again?

What Pokemon types do you prefer? For me, I have three favorites: ice, ghost, and normal–with normal sitting at the top of my list. Though I liked to have a healthy combination of Pokémon for my team of six, I usually gravitated to these three attributes. When the original Pokémon games Red and Green (Japan) or Red and Blue came out in the 90’s, we were given 15 character types of Pokémon to categorize them into. In the second generation, we received two more types, and then an additional one in generation six–a grand total of 18 types to date.

These Include:

With such an extensive list, could we see new types in the future for the franchise? Well, I think eventually we may see additional typing to keep the franchise fresh with new fighting combinations and recast typing of older Pokémon. Though I also think the more generations that go by, the harder it could be to weave in new types from the massive backlog of Pokémon already existing. With all this to take into consideration what could be a new type or types incorporated into the Pokémon lineage?

  1. Vibration:

I feel a category that could easily be incorporated is one that is vocal. Sound and vibration are common in all living things. Now we just must give Pokémon a voice. Some likely candidates are Chatot, Meloetta, and Exploud.

  • Celestial:

We do see a lot of Pokémon mysteriously coming from space or dealing with a star or moon. We look up to the sky and want to know what is beyond. Some likely candidates are Lunatone, Deoxys, and Solrock.

  • Viral:

What is more infectious then catching Pokémon? How about a Pokémon who is infectious? A run in with a plague-carrying type would require a visit to nurse Joy at the nearest PokeCenter. Some likely candidates are Porygon, Garbodor, and Reuniclus

  • Wind:

Wind seems like in should already be part of the original types, but alas here we are trying to make aware that this type has yet to be incorporated into the Pokémon franchise. Some likely candidates are Eldegoss, Wheezing, and Tornadus.

  • Gravity    

I think Pokémon that have a gravitational type would be very interesting. The move sets would most likely be status affecting abilities and toss in some anti-gravity capabilities, and you will have a nice balance. Some likely candidates are Klinklang, Cosmog, and Cryogonal

With so many existing types already in Pokémon, do you feel it is necessary to add additional ones to the series? What do you think about the ones I have listed? What types have you considered or want in the series? What are your favorite types? Let us know your thoughts.

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