Boss Rush Banter: Why Can’t I just Enjoy Games My Way?

At one point or another we have all experienced someone making us feel bad for choosing to enjoy a certain game or platform. I remember for myself, as a kid (and even a teenager) where I would be belittled for liking a game franchise, that in my peers’ minds, was deemed childish, but as someone who is fairly laid back, I easily brushed off these comments and in some scenarios, even brushed off bullying. Why are we cutting each other down for a pastime we all enjoy instead of remaining open minded while supporting each other’s passions?

I often remember back in 2008 when I had a PlayStation 3, I enjoyed playing the Call of Duty games. I had purchased the DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and was enjoying playing online like I normally would. One time my girlfriend, who is now my wife, was interested in trying the game, so I showed her the controls and let her play. She was crouched down on top of a train car, or “camping” if I am using proper lingo, and someone started yelling at her on the headset, berating and belittling her about the way she was playing. I hopped on the headset and for about 3 minutes straight, and I voiced my opinion towards this person about how my girlfriend was excited to play this game and learn what the hype for Call of Duty was for the first time. By this young man’s actions of being an absolute jerk to her, she no longer wanted to play online and eventually not at all. From this point on I adopted the mindset to allow myself, or others to enjoy whatever game or experience they so chose, without any judgement, because it only hurts and hinders people from growing.

Another example is when people make those who play games on mobile devices or tablets feel as though it isn’t as important as PC or console games. To me, it does not matter how you consume your entertainment, and it should not matter to you, either. Everyone is different. They have different tastes and preferences, so for you to judge someone is both ugly and a waste of your energy, and creates a barrier of negativity. It hinders someone’s right to happiness in their life.   

The term “fanboy” is thrown around a lot in the gaming community, indicating when someone has loyalty to a certain game, franchise, console, company, etc. You can be a fanboy and be loyal all you want because you have the right to, but you must show respect to others and by doing so, promotes unity, offers interesting conversations, creates friendships, and opens new opportunities allowing individuals to experience games that they might not have even considered experiencing.

When it comes down to it, we should all be ourselves while letting others be themselves. If you like a certain game, play it. If you want to share with others the reason you like a game, do it. This will help others discover new gaming experiences and diversify people’s palate of games. So, don’t be ashamed for the games you play, or where or how you play them. Enjoy what makes you happy and let others be happy in what they enjoy.

Have you ever stopped playing a game or franchise because of what someone said or did? Has peer pressure created a certain pattern of similar gaming habits that has caused you or someone you know to not expand your gaming cornucopia? How can we bring positivity into our gaming circle? How has your gaming habits adapted?

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