Bethesda’s Todd Howard Talks the Future of Fallout 5

During an episode of IGNs Unfiltered, Bethesda Game Studios front man Todd Howard was asked about their focus on Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6, and if they would hand off the next Fallout to another developer such as Obsidian who made Fallout: New Vegas? His response gave a glimpse of what page they are on.

I don’t see…Look, Fallout’s really part of our DNA here. We’ve worked with other people from time to time – I can’t say, say what’s gonna happen. You know, we have a one-pager on Fallout 5, what we want to do.

A short definition into what a one-pager is, it’s an outline of what the game could be, which could include any level of ideas but mainly the plot, important game ideas, various game mechanics, and setting. A clear, but not set in stone, vision of what could be. However way you look at this, what is clear to us is that the next game in the Fallout series could be 5-10 years away.

What do you imagine the next game in the world of Fallout will be? What has been your favorite Fallout in the series? Do you think a Fallout game will come to the current generation of consoles? What did you like and dislike about Fallout 76?

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