Boss Rush Banter: What Have Been Your Most Ridiculous Reasons for Purchasing a Console?

I think we have all done this at one point in our gaming journey where we impulse buy something and justify it in our mind one way or another. It’s a spur of the moment purchase that may or may not be a great decision in the long run. In hindsight, some of my console and gaming experiences have been just that–impulsive and ridiculous. Can you relate?

The first example that comes to my mind was a Sony PSP Assassins Creed: Bloodlines Bundle. It was a shimmery, glossed, white handheld that I stumbled across while walking in our local Green Bay Target. Now, I had no intention to pick the PSP up, especially since it was pretty much at the end of its life cycle with the Vita coming out shortly. It was going for 199.99, but then I saw a copy of Resistance: Retribution, and as a huge fan of the series, I decided then and there I must buy this to play it. Well, after purchasing it and playing for a month or so, I only grabbed about a dozen more games and then never played it again.  Nothing was wrong with the system, but I never really was drawn to play it that often. Though this was an impulse buy, the next system was even more so.   

My wife and I were at a friend’s house playing a new game at the time called Plants Vs Zombies, and it was only available on the Xbox 360. We both heavily enjoyed it, so much so that on the drive home from our friends, we stopped by Toys R Us where we both worked and I picked out the Halo Reach bundle, bought Xbox Live and a card to purchase the game from the online store. Though I was happy with my purchase, I was fairly upset at the fact that Plants Vs Zombies came out to various platforms that I had already owned shortly after this. I have about two dozen games for this system and I have not purchased an Xbox since then. The power of an indie game can be quite powerful, or I’m just weak for a good game. Whatever the case, the console had a good mix of games to enjoy.

Regardless of whether you felt guilty after an impulse buy or felt as though it changed your life, an experience was had. Justifying it is up to the purchasing party, and they alone deal with the positive or negative after effects. But like Linkin Park says, “In the end it doesn’t really matter,” so just enjoy your experiences that you created for yourself or for others.

Have you ever been impulsive and had a spur of the moment purchase? Have you regretted that purchase or were you ecstatic about it? Please flood the comments with your ridiculous console purchases.

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