Tunic Finally Has Firm Release Date of March 16

During The Game Awards, the long anticipated Zelda-like indie title Tunic has finally confirmed a release date of March 16, 2022.

The isometric action adventure was first revealed in 2017, and has featured several playable demos since then across both Xbox and Steam platforms.

Game publisher Rebekah Saltsman stated that the long development time was due to the team being so small, as well as game development is, simply put, hard.

In Tunic, players control an anthropomorphic fox who, armed with a sword and shield, explores a vast world and unearths the secrets of challenging dungeons. The game has a very noticeable Zelda inspiration, both in terms of appearance and gameplay.

Have you enjoyed any of the demos for Tunic? Are you ready to play the final game? We want to know what you think, both in our comment section and our Discord!

Source: The Game Awards

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