PODCAST: What Are The Top PS5 Games To Play Right Now? — Cross Roads: The PlayStation Podcast | EPISODE 63

What’s up, Stationaries! Austin and LeRon are back this week for the final Cross Roads episode of 2021 and they are discussing the latest news and events for PlayStation and Gaming including Sony’s recent acquisition of a long-running support studio and also the newly announced covers for PlayStation 5 with a retrospective on the best PS5 games gamers should try out.

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Nellie Lott: Twitter | Twitch
Chris True: Twitter | Radical Hope Project

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Time Stamps for The Show:

0:00 Intro
08:48 – Housekeeping
09:50 – What Are We Playing?
30:28 – New PlayStation Games This Week
46:35 – PS5 Covers and New DualSense Colors
57:34 – Sony Acquires Valkyrie Entertainment
1:16:17 – PS5 Top Games of 2021?
1:46:10 – Questions From The Audience
1:49:12 – The Matrix Awakens First Impressions
1:52:08 – Wrapup/Outro
1:53:31 – Plugs and Announcements
1:55:05 – Featured on Boss Rush Network

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