Boss Rush Banter: How Do You Tame Your Backlog?

Ah, January. That month that comes every year, yet seems to get longer and longer each time we revisit it. For video games, it is a relatively quiet time–no huge releases as developers are recovering after the insane holiday rush. Which makes it the perfect time to tackle some games that are on your backlog but you’ve been putting off. Except, if you are like me, and your backlog is so long it gives you anxiety and you end up just watching reruns of The Office instead of picking a game to play. Which brings us to our question of the day: how do you tame your backlog?

Do you use an app? Or a tracking spreadsheet? Do you have specific criteria for what deserves a spot on your backlog? How do you keep your backlog from something you dread?

My fellow writer Jack touched on this topic last week when he talked about his gaming resolutions for 2022 and how he plans to use an app called GG to keep his backlog tamed. Personally, I’ve tried using apps before, but they are sometimes too robust and try to accomplish so many things that I find myself overwhelmed and don’t use them for long.

I am fortunate that I have been able to increase my collection of consoles to not only include every console from this generation, but several from previous generations. This means that the list of games I have access to is growing exponentially with each new system, making my backlog get unwieldy.

So, what methods do you use to track, maintain, and tame your backlog? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below or on the Boss Rush Twitter page.

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