Boss Rush Banter: Video Game Resolutions for 2022

2021 is finally at an end and we can start to hope for what 2022 will have to offer us. Many of us make plans to better ourselves in ways like: losing weight, quitting a bad habit, or learning a new skill. All of which are great and should be encouraged, but I would like to explore ways to become a better gamer. Here are a few ideas I plan to be more cognizant gamer.

  1. Cataloging my Games – Like many of us, I struggle with becoming sidetracked whenever a shiny new game is released. I downloaded an app, GG, that I plan to utilize to its fullest potential. The app allows the user to categorize their games by “Playing”, “Want to Play”, “Shelved”, and more. Being diligent with this tool will be key to staying on top of my games and will be essential with keeping me from stacking more games on my backlog.
  2. Introducing more Retro Consoles – I am a father and I have the great joy of sharing my passion for games with my eldest son. We have played many games together on current hardware such as PS5 and Switch. However, when it comes to games from my childhood and in between, our selection of games played is scarce. I plan to change that by introducing a newer “retro” game console, the Nintendo Wii. Though the Wii can be viewed now as having a lot of gimmicky games, I feel that it will have a similar affect to a five year old in 2022 that we all experienced at the launch in 2006.
  3. Stop Impulse Buying – This does tie into the first resolution, but it does differ enough to call out some bad habits. I currently follow people check sites such as Deku Deals that help users find promotions on interested games. This has provided me with steep discounts on games that I haven’t pulled the plug on yet. Though it has “saved” me money, ultimately I spent money that I didn’t need to at the moment and the result also adds to my backlog. I plan to still check deal sites, but at less frequency as before.
  4. Play a New Genre – There are so many games out there for us to enjoy and I tend to get stuck into playing remakes or rehashes of similar games I’ve played before. Instead of playing Tetris 99 for another 100 hours in 2022, I want to expand my choices to a genre I haven’t played much of such as a Real Time Strategy or JRPG. I was able to experience walking simulators for the first time in 2021 with What Remains of Edith Finch and now look forward to experiencing more titles of the same ilk. By stepping outside my comfort zone I hope to find a new game style that matches the same feel with walking sims.

Though I may not be able to keep all of the goals listed, I feel that these can help be a better gamer. What types of resolutions do you have planned for 2022? How will you keep yourself in check to maintain your goals? Have you had any experience in the past with setting resolutions and finding a new interest? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below or on the Boss Rush Twitter page. Happy New Year to all of the readers on the Boss Rush Network. We all wish everyone a happy 2022!

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