Boss Rush Banter: Should A Future Zelda Game Include A Transformation for Link?

The Legend of Zelda is one of the gaming industry’s most beloved franchises, with various entries consistently ranking at the top of gamers’ best game of all time lists. A franchise that spans 35 years, seven console generations, and sixteen mainline games (with a new one hopefully dropping this year!), the series has remained relevant for so long because it continues to innovate and experiment with various gameplay mechanics, art styles, and story progression.

One of my favorite gameplay mechanics that the series has implemented a few times is when Link is given the ability to transform into something else. The biggest example of this is in Majora’s Mask; by simply putting a mask on his face, Link is able to change into whoever the mask represents and is able to use their abilities to progress in the story.

Transformation isn’t limited to Majora’s Mask, however. Ocarina of Time uses time to transform Link from a child to an adult (and back again); A Link Between Worlds sees Link turn into a two-dimensional wall drawing; and Minish Cap gives Link the ability to shrink to miniscule size. My favorite instance of transformation in the series, however, has to go to Twilight Princess, and Link’s ability to turn into a wolf. I love the way this mechanic is implemented into the game, giving Link new abilities and ways to interact with Hyrule and attack enemies.

Which brings me to the Boss Rush Banter of the day: should a future Zelda game include a transformation for Link? What would that transformation be? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord.

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