Alien: Colony War (Kindle Version) Comes with Bonus Game Scenario for Alien RPG

Science-fiction is a genre rich with intricate storytelling and passionate fan bases. Perhaps the most iconic and beloved of the many franchises in this genre is Alien. The films have inspired countless other series, both in print and on the screen. The franchise also has a massive library of novels, comics, and short stories—well worth a read for any serious fan.

Two new Alien novels are scheduled for publishing in 2022, and now fans can double up on the Xenomorph fun. Alien: Colony War is set to release in April, exploring what happens as “political conflicts on Earth erupt into open hostilities between their colonies in space, with Xenomorphs as the ultimate weapon.” Fans will also be thrilled to know that the novel includes more content on Amanda Ripley, daughter of “ultimate badass” Ellen Ripley.

For those who pre-order Alien: Colony War (Kindle version), they will also get a free bonus scenario for the award-winning Alien RPG tabletop game from Free League Publishing.

Ready to pre-order your copy of Alien: Colony War (Kindle version) and get access to the bonus game scenario for Alien RPG? Click here.

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