Boss Rush Banter: Since When Does Difficulty Level Determine If You Are a Real Gamer?

Back during the PlayStation 3 era, I borrowed my brothers’ game, Demon Souls. I had no idea what it was about and that of course intrigued me. Starting off confused, I slowly put the pieces together on how the game worked. A game of balances, strategy, and chance. You determine your path as you solve the best route to take and survive the brutality of the endless enemies lurking in your path. How has the difficulty choice within a game empower some who favor it, declare themselves as true gamers? Then at the same time make those who play less strenuous games feel as though they have something to prove to become one?

I am a big proponent of positivity in the gaming community. Having such unrest and divide creates animosity and further pulls apart the pastime we all love. We are divided with many things in life and it isn’t that farfetched that this includes the gaming scene, but why shouldn’t we be united under games? Whether we play Wordle, Animal Crossing, Dungeons & Dragons, or Elden Ring what is the difference?

I’ve heard people in person and online that have said mobile games are not games, in-turn labeling the person who chooses to do so, not real gamers. I’ve heard people who play games such as Animal Crossing, which falls on the term, “Cozy Games,” as a sim that doesn’t make you a gamer. For some reason games such as Elden Ring, Souls games, and even pen and paper campaigns are what certain game enthusiasts say make you a true gamer. Well, how can I put this gently, your thought process is a bit out of calibration.

When you look up what a “gamer,” is, you see that it is, “a person who plays games especially a person who regularly plays computer or video games” With this definition I do not see where any person who plays something for fun, including digitally or physically, would be excluded from gaming base camp. Some people enjoy playing all types of games while others want something challenging or relaxing. Some days I play an intense game after work and other days I want to destress and play something a bit more laid back. All these gaming types and players all fall under a gamers umbrella and makes all those who seek fun valid in the world of gaming.

Where do you fall on the spectrum of gaming? Have you ever thought that certain games made you more or less of a gamer in societies eyes? Are you one who plays only a certain genre or can you mix and match your gaming experiences? Let us know your thoughts or experiences.

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