BREAKING NEWS: EXPCast: A Video Game Podcast Acquires Boss Rush Network For $3.50

After months of negotiation and hostilities, world renown video game podcast group EXPCast has finalized the acquisition of the Boss Rush Network and all of its subsidiaries and podcasts to the tune of $3.50 (three dollars and fifty cents). This has become finalized already by regulatory approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Trade Commission on February 30th. 

“This is the true next step for us as a podcast platform, to one day become the world’s best source for video game podcasts,” says EXPCast Head Master Stojan Jovic. “We’re excited for what the future holds as we will continue to bring the best content for our fans.” 

The deal includes the acquisition of the podcasts Nintendo Pow Block, Cross Roads, Standard Definition, After Dark, and the flagship podcast The Boss Rush Podcast, as well as the website and all articles associated with it. 

“When we crunched the numbers, it was a win-win for both sides,” Financial Executor Pat Klein of the EXPCast said in an interview here. “With our immense capital, and the Boss Rush Network’s resources, the numbers made sense. Not to mention the hostilities involved.” 

“The Boss Rush Network only had a small army of Gajau, Rachnoid and Slagthoth monsters, so when we showed up at their headquarters with Magnamalos, an Apex Rathalos, and KuLu-Ya-Kus to make sure negations went well, things couldn’t have been any easier,” Josh Barnickel, Apex Monster Hunter General said. “To be working side by side with the great Generals LeRon Dawkins and Daniel Murphy, instead of fierce adversaries, is a dream.” 

The scene outside Boss Rush Network HQ during negotiations

With the acquisition comes questions as to what this future holds for the EXPCast, and the Boss Rush Network. CEO (now former) of Boss Rush Network Corey Dirrig expressed “great joy and satisfaction” during negotiations and excitement for the future and said, “It’s fine.” 

When Boss Rush Network first invited the EXPCast in as a network show, the seeds were planted in what would be a fruitful and successful partnership, blossoming into a hostile takeover and financial transaction. “I remember when the EXPCast first walked through our door, they carried with them a sense of purpose and meaning, which was awe-inspiring,” Chief Writer David Lasby said.

As for the network shows like Lore Together, Block’s Gaming Reviews and Console Crew, they also have a place in the new empire. “In this newly formed EXPCast Empire, their roles will be crucial in our successes,” Stojan had to say. “Lore Together will create a Wikipedia page dedicated to the empire, Block will direct the 40-part upcoming documentary series, and Console Crew will takeover ground Magnamalo troops for military defensive capabilities. 

Stephanie K (left) of Boss Rush and Daniel L (right) of EXPCast duel in the conference room

“Nothing should change, except everything will change, or something…” Eddie said, trailing off while munching on snacks during a recent interview on One V One with Celeste, who has been immediately promoted to Empress Celeste as a result of the acquisition. 

The future is bright for the new EXPCast Regime, and one that will make history as the acquisition of all acquisitions. Are you excited for what the future brings? Be sure to let us know in the comments, and head on over to the Discord at the QR code below, or here, and shower us with PRAISE ONLY. 

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