Saints Row Live Stream Coming Next Week

The team at Deep Silver has announced today that a showcase is on the way for the new Saints Row! Announced on the official Saints Row Twitter account, the teaser sets up an upcoming developer stream to detail an in-depth customization system and it’s coming next week, April 20th.

The showcase promises an “incredible premiere featuring a trailer, interviews, and insider information”, which will be airing on Deep Silver’s Twitch and YouTube channels. The show will be hosted by actress Mica Burton.

Saint Row games in the past have been known for their insanely wacky character customization options as well as highly interactive character creators that have preceded actual Saints Row title releases ahead of their respective games. This year’s reboot of the franchise looks to be a continuation of that tradition.

Deep Silver said: “Within the showcase itself, longtime fans and newcomers alike will be delighted to see a brand new trailer fully focused on customization across all aspects of player choice in the game, that will get gamers excited about all the incredible ways you can Be Your Own Boss in Saints Row – it will truly show off the breadth and depth of the customization features Volition have packed into the title.”

The Saints Row reboot was officially announced with a CGI trailer during the Gamescom Opening Night Live event in August 2021. Immediately following the announcement, Saints Row was met with a lot of criticism with regard to its main character designs. The hip-looking youngsters from its reveal trailer weren’t accepted by fans and developer Deep Silver Volition quickly made it clear that full character creation would still be part of the game.

Saints Row is set for launch worldwide on August 23rd after being delayed due to setbacks thanks to COVID-19. It’ll be coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Xbox One. To get more information on Saints Row, make sure to head over to the main website for the game.

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