New Patent Filed By Nintendo That May Improve Splatoon 3 Mini Maps.

We are once again seeing some more information from Nintendo coming from Twitter, this time from @stephentotilo in a post. Recently Nintendo filed a patent on April 19th, 2022, that relates to mini maps in games. This patent aims to create a more dynamic approach to how the cameras interact with the user in a play-by-play response more efficiently. It also creates more player friendly real-time updates of the mini-map to navigate the terrain with quicker response and allow the player to better locate key areas or items easier while in motion. This of coarse seems to be targeting games such as Splatoon 3 which recently received a release date of September 9th, 2022.

Now the patent itself is very lengthy and full of many technical and legal jargon, but looking closer at it and also researching a bit more, I saw that there is a section within the document that contains a few figures that show an inertia sensor labeled 117. Also a small detail worth noting is that the picture of the Nintendo Switch has rounded joy-cons, though this could be just a rough drawing, it is an interesting detail. Both the accelerometer and gyroscope can fall under the Inertia sensor but I am unsure if this is something different entirely based on current specifications from the Nintendo website. I guess we will wait and see how this could be implemented.

As always when patents are created we are cautious of any or all information and/or technical implementations or features. We will wait and see when Splatoon 3 comes out later this year if any of the items in this patent are utilized within the game itself. But either way lets prepare for some epic paint-filled warfare.

What do you think about this new patent from Nintendo? Anything interesting or alarming? How do you think this will be implemented in games such as Splatoon 3? let us know your thoughts.

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