Boss Rush Banter: Do You Fall Asleep While Playing Video Games?

Have you ever struggled keeping your eyes open playing a video game? Maybe it’s a certain game, mood, or lack of sleep? If so, you’re not alone; countless nights, I’ve dozed off because of busy days, sluggish games, or depressive slumps. I find it very frustrating when I look forward to playing a game, and when it’s finally time, my eyes become sandbags. Is the game not interesting enough, or is it me? Along the way, I’ve come across many reasons and tips I’d love to share if this scenario applies to you.

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Sometimes games can feel sluggish, stale, or just not captivating enough for your particular mood. This may be the time to set that game or genre aside for a while and come back to it later. We all fear a growing backlog, but sometimes it’s necessary instead of forcing yourself through a game you’re not interested in. I love completing games, and I understand how hard it is to leave a game behind. Doing this has helped me maintain a happy gaming life. My advice for this situation is to drop that game.

It’s not always the game! The expression “it’s just one of those days” is more common than we know. Although, feeling exhausted from your hectic day and hoping to destress with video games, you’ll want to make sure you’re not too relaxed. For example, I like to lay down when my family is settling in for the night. Laying down or reclining while playing video games when you’re already exhausted, can make a really fun game tiring. I’ve realized If I sit up and keep a good posture, I can get my blood flowing and feel alert enough to indulge in a game I’ve been excited to play all day. Depending on the time, coffee is always great for a little jump-start, but not recommended close to bedtime. Other ways to get your energy up is to take a ten minute walk outside and get some fresh air. Little exercise breaks can help tremendously and if it’s too cold outside, improvise with some indoor stairs or walking in place. Keep an active body and mind

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Don’t forget to keep your temperature right, because nothing is more cozy than warmth! A great way to stay awake is to keep your gaming area nice and cool. Don’t snuggle into a warm blanket or crank up the heat–just enjoy that nice cool air stimulating your mind. Don’t forget to bring some tunes! Music is another great way to keep you feeling motivated and energized! Listen to an upbeat playlist or musicians you’re passionate about. Stay cool and pump up the volume.

One thing I love to do is grab some snacks and drinks before starting a game night. Maybe even find a co-op game to enjoy with a friend or spouse. All the nights my wife and I have stayed up playing Stardew Valley have been exhilarating! Nothing compares to having someone there to have conversations with while gaming. It doesn’t always have to be co-op–maybe just a party chat while playing different games and socializing will do the trick. Keep the buddy system in mind!

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Finally, and most importantly, make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep every night. We all have a passion for gaming, but we have to keep healthy habits of good quality sleep. The recommended amount of sleep is 7-9 hours uninterrupted, if possible. Make sure to research ways to have healthy sleeping habits and take care of your body and mind to stay sharp for gaming and everyday activities!

So, have you ever fallen asleep while gaming? If so, have you tried any of the above methods, and have they worked for you? Are there any methods or experiences you would like to share? Reach out in the comments below or join us for conversation in the BossRush Discord.

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