Boss Rush Banter: Is Street Fighter VI’s Modern Control Type a Welcome Addition?

In tandem with a freshly revealed roster and a new gameplay trailer, Capcom unveiled a radical new way to play Street Fighter VI: The Modern Control Type. Essentially, a control setup that mimics Super Smash Bros.‘ default input scheme.

Fighting game players and the Fighting Game Community (FGC) are amazingly diverse when it comes to background, competitiveness, favorite games, and how those games are played. And like many competitive scenes, there is also a multitude of attitudes toward how their games should be played. So when something like simplified controls suddenly enters the conversation, there could understandably be some debate.

Image Credit: Capcom

Will there be tournament rules that restrict which controller types are allowed? Will the Modern type remove nuance from how each character on the roster feels to play?

Ultimately, adding the Modern Control Type is a fantastic invite to new players who have been intimidated by Street Fighter or other fighting games. Perhaps it will also offer a way in for players who have been waiting for some added accessibility into the scene. And despite being born with this type of control scheme, modern competitive Smash Bros. is nothing if not nuanced.

What do you think? is the Modern Control type a welcome addition to Street Fighter and the FGC as a whole? What pros and cons can you see? Tell us about them down in the comments or over at the Boss Rush Discord

Featured Image: Capcom

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