Xbox Series and Xbox One Consoles Getting A ‘Fast Boot’ Update

A Quality of Life (QoL) is on the way for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles real soon.

Xbox gamers are very familiar with the start-up animation their consoles run when booting from a cold start. The animation, which is around nine seconds, will soon be dropping to four seconds. This is all coming about to “help reduce the overall startup time”.

The new update has begun rolling out to individuals participating in the Xbox Insider program and users are already confirming the changes.

Jake Rosenberg from Team Xbox also backed up the confirmation that this update will also apply to Xbox One consoles.

Gamers all around, no matter which consoles they own, always have to sit through startup sequences (depending on which power state their console is in) with some being rather “lengthy” for a simple system designed to play games. While they may be exciting at the beginning of owning a console, it soon gets old.

Nonetheless, it is great to see Microsoft working on something to hasten the startup of Xbox consoles. No date on when a public rollout of the update will take place has been announced yet but we will keep you in the know when the update goes live for all Xbox users.

Are you excited about getting a new “streamlined” startup animation for your Xbox system? Are you an Xbox Insider who’s already gotten the update?

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Source: Pure Xbox

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