Boss Rush Banter: How Do You Store Your Physical Games?

In the current gaming climate, digital gaming has become larger than ever. Some consoles, like the PS5, are even offered without disc drives, relying solely on digital downloads. Especially with the convenience of buying a game digitally, we can’t really blame people for converting to digital. It seems to be the future of gaming.

But there remains the audience that still buys physical copies of their video games. For me, something feels nice about being able to physically hold the game in my hands and look at the box art. There are plenty of reasons fans still hold onto their games, and while we could sit here and debate all day long whether physical or digital is better, let’s turn our attention to those of us who buy physical and ask: how do you store your games?

As a kid with an N64, GameCube, and PS2, we just had a drawer near our TV that had a bunch of game cartridges and disc cases. There was no real organization, you just grabbed what you needed and plugged it in. We only had about six N64 games and maybe ten GameCube games, so that was never something I needed to worry about.

The most obvious answer here I think is to collect your games in their original game boxes on a shelf. Many gamers have shelves upon shelves of their video games, alongside other nerdy memorabilia, like Nintendo amiibo, plushies, models, and other collector’s items. I’m always jealous when I see these shelves, and it only makes me want to buy even MORE games.

The problem for me, though, is I don’t want to have to comb through my index of video games, put back the game I’m putting away, and then find and take out the game I want. The larger your collection, the more tedious this seems.

Another popular way of storing games, however, are storage cases. Whether it’s one of those old CD cases or a custom-built Switch card holder, plenty of gamers rely on these for their storage. Storing games this way takes up less space, since your game cases don’t need to be out on display and can be kept for safekeeping somewhere else (or thrown away if you’re a monster). Plus, the perk of being able to easily transport my ENTIRE Switch collection with me is super nice.

But, this obviously means that you skip out on having your video game “space.” A wall-to-wall bookshelf of video games is a lot more impressive than a DVD case and a couple of Switch card cases.

How do you store your games? Or, if you play mostly digital, what led to that transition? If you store your games in storage cases, let us know which ones you recommend, and if you have an amazing collection on display, share it with us in a comment or on the Boss Rush Discord!

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