Boss Rush Banter: Power, Wisdom, Courage. Which Legend of Zelda Triforce Piece Would You Choose?

If you’ve played Legend of Zelda games, odds are you’ve heard about that golden triangle–the Triforce. While not every game focuses on the Triforce such as Breath of the Wild, it is a franchise staple that has woven deeply into the lore. Whenever it splits apart, the Triforce of Power resides in Ganon/Ganondorf, Triforce of Wisdom resides in Zelda, and the Triforce of Courage resides in our hero, Link, because of the values they represent. I always wondered which force I’d want. How about you? Which do you value more: power, wisdom, or courage?

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Deep down, I always imagined being brave as Link, and thus earning the Triforce of Courage. However, to be honest, I am a bit of a weenie, and if I did a true reflection of myself, I feel my values are most represented by Wisdom. There is a saying that knowledge is power, so the power of Wisdom would, in a sense, provide me with an upper hand on my enemies.

Of course, the Triforce is truly about balance, and all three forces have their place. Which one do you value more? Do you think the Breath of the Wild sequel will mention the sacred triangle? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord.

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One thought on “Boss Rush Banter: Power, Wisdom, Courage. Which Legend of Zelda Triforce Piece Would You Choose?

  1. This brings up a lot of questions – are the triforce parts only given to whoever represents them the most? Is it possible to wield the triforce of power in a benevolent manner? Would Link still have been just as courageous if he didn’t hold the triforce of courage? Zelda has the triforce of wisdom but characters like Impa or Sahasrahla are shown to offer much more guidance.

    When it comes down to it, I can’t choose just one for myself. But, when we are able to put all three qualities together, then it’s very possible we can accomplish our “wishes!”

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