Boss Rush Banter: What’s the Best Farming Sim to Try?

After yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, we were given a few options for farming sims. In fact, I compiled a top five Farming Sims list for the next year. When the chance opened up to write a banter for y’all, I decided to share my list with you. Which farming sim are you looking forward to or would recommend to a friend?

I love farming sims. From Harvest Moon (renamed to Story of Seasons) to Stardew Valley, to various gems within Kickstarter, I enjoy blowing off some steam in a game that’s equipped to handle my lack of hand-eye coordination.

Let’s get to the list!

  1. Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life
Source: Nintendo

Originally, the team behind this game created the Harvest Moon franchise. After a split in 2013, they’ve redesigned old favorites. What truly stands out to me about this particular release is that it is a remake and the original was one of my first farming sims.

With new quests, new crops, new features, and more, I’m excited to enjoy hours upon hours in this game just as I did the original.

2. Harvestella

Source: Nintendo

I started playing the Demo the night after it was announced. On top of beautiful graphics, this seems to bring new life to the genre by combining a fantastical epic with the classic farming sim. I love the art of this game and I also love the outfits. They scream cosplay to me.

3. Coral Island

Stairway Games

Like so many others, I found this game when it was live on Kickstarter, and I became a proud backer of the project. Not only did it meet its goal, but it blew most, if not all, of the stretch goals (including ones they added later) out of the water.

With fun graphics, an intriguing story, and an incredible transparent team, I’m excited for this to fully release.

4. Fae Farm

Announced yesterday with a release date next Spring, this seems like an adorable setup for a farming sim. Another feature I’m a little obsessed with is the fact that you can farm with friends. I might already have multiple co-op farms planned.

5. Roots of Pacha


Another Kickstarter gem I discovered, this one is delaying its release for a few months. But I think it will be worth the wait. What makes this one pretty unique is that it is set in the Stone Age. I’m excited to see how that adds to the game.

In the sea of farming sims making the scene, which ones are you looking forward to? Which ones would you recommend to a friend? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord!

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