Boss Rush Banter: So, Uh…What Do You Think of the 9th Gen Pokemon So Far?

In the days leading up to the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, social media has lit up with reactions of all kinds at the handful of next generation of Pokemon that have been revealed thus far. While we have known the new starters for a while, Sprigatito (apparently also known as “Weed Cat”, even by my eleven year old niece…), Quaxley, and Fuecoco, a slow drip of reveals occurred over the last few weeks including Cyclizar, Fidough, Grafaifai, and…Wiglett. What do you think of them?

I’ve already lost a little bit of faith as the generations of Pokemon stretched on. Ideas for new Pokemon grew stale, and many creations are flat out cheesy. However, now with a child of my own that has taken interest in the franchise, I decided to give Pokemon another chance. Perhaps gen 9 would have some amazing new creatures! Upon it’s initial trailers, I slowly warmed up to the starters and legendary Pokemon, Koraidon and Miraidon. However, that was short lived when I saw a lizard-motorcycle (Cyclizar) and walking-whale (Cetitan).

Then…I saw Wiglett.

At first I thought it was a joke, and apparently the internet turned it into one.

Image Credit: GIPHY

I’m not even going to get into what crossed my mind when I saw that wiggling tentacle with vacant eyes. All I know is that I’m back to square one and firmly believe that The Pokemon Company, as much as I love them, is out of cool ideas. We are seeing the same old recycled “cute” ones while the others are just a little too on the nose with what they are. I still can’t get over the lizard-motorcycle…

What do you think of the new Pokemon so far for Scarlet and Violet? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord.

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Featured Image: The Pokemon Company (via Game Informer)

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