Boss Rush Banter: What Physical Games Have You Lost Over The Years that You Regret?

It’s always a bummer when, after countless hours of searching, you realize that you’ve lost one of your favorite games. Sure, sometimes it’s a game that recently came out and replacing it doesn’t cost you too much, but sometimes it can really sting to lose a game you’ve had for years. What games have you lost?

The first game I remember losing was Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge for GameBoy Advance. It was a side-game of the Banjo-Kazooie series that felt a little bit weird compared to the other Banjo games. A friend at school didn’t believe that it was a real game, so I brought it to school to show him. By recess, the game had left my pocket and gotten lost who-knows-where. The game wasn’t really up my ally, so when I discovered it was gone, it was less of a “oh no!” and more of a “well, whatever.”

While I was in college, a friend of mine got super into playing GameCube games, which they never had growing up. I lent them my copy of Sonic Adventure DX for a few days. In class the next week, they explained how someone had stolen a bunch of their DVDs, CDs, and, you guessed it, GameCube games. They felt terrible about it. I couldn’t really blame them, since it wasn’t their fault, but Sonic Adventure was my favorite Sonic game. The game’s currently less than $10 (USD) on Steam, but losing the physical game still stings. Maybe I’ll get around to picking it up one day.

The worst was when I lost Pokémon White 2 on a bus during a school field trip. It had just come out, and at the time it wasn’t a huge deal. I bought Black 2 instead and still have it today. But looking at how much these games run for these days, I lost a $200-$400 dollar game. My only hope is that the new owner is getting their money’s worth.

Oh, and my brother lost our GameCube memory card. That stank. We didn’t lose a game, but we lost ALL of our save date for every single game. Unlocking all of the characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Mario Kart: Double Dash took a good chunk of time. Years later, my mom found the memory card in her garden bed under a window, and it still worked fine. So not all stories end in tragedy.

What are some games you’ve had to mourn the loss of? Did you ever find them again, or did you find another way to fill the hole in your heart? Let us know how you coped in a comment below, or join us on the Boss Rush Discord to share your stories. 

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