Boss Rush Banter: What Creepy Urban Legend in Gaming is Your Favorite?

Today is a celebration of all things spooky and what better way to honor this timeless tradition than by diving into some of the creepiest urban legends in gaming.

Many millennials remember a time when the Internet was not prominent and rumors were rampant with no way to verify their authenticity. This led to some fun and creepy urban legends in gaming that many believe today.

Before you head out for a night of fun, let’s discuss some of your favorite creepy urban legends in gaming.

I’ve always been a Nintendo gamer so many of my favorite urban legends surround those consoles.

Image Credit: Kotaku (via The Gamer)

The first one I remember is that the Lavender Town music in Pokémon Red/Blue Versions drove Japanese children to madness or worse. This allegedly led to the toning down of the music for Western releases. 

Again, this has never been verified and is not likely to be true. That said, it adds to an already creepy section of the game. At the time, many didn’t know if the legend was true or not, further upping the creepiness of the theme.

Image Credit: Nintendo (via The Punished Backlog)

Another creepy legend is about the shadows that sit high atop the cliffs of the Shiverburn Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2

There is no explanation for these three silhouettes that seemingly follow Mario as he progresses through the level. Players have looked into the game’s code to discover the file name for these figures is called “Hell Valley Sky Trees.” 

There has never been any other comment on these figures nor lore surrounding them. 

A popular route for creepy urban legends revolves around haunted or corrupted versions of beloved games. 

Image Credit: The Gamer

These include a corrupted Sonic the Hedgehog game, which fans have made into a playable .exe file complete with a glitchy and twisted Sonic and jump scares that further adds to the legend. 

Others include the infamous Pokémon Black, a bootlegged version of Pokémon Red that turns you into a murderer thanks to your new friend Ghost.

A more modern legend revolves around an alleged haunting in Minecraft. Players have claimed to see Herobrine, a ghost-like character that wields a pickaxe and stares at players with glowing white eyes. Game creator Notch has denied the existence of Herobrine, but players continue to claim its existence.

Image Credit: The Gamer

There are so many fun and creepy urban legends that can give you the chills if you read too long in the dark. I invite you to fall down this demented rabbit hole and see what spooky tales you uncover. Check out our staff’s favorite spooky memories from gaming.

Are there any creepy urban legends in gaming that you’ve always loved to read about? Are there some that you are convinced are true? Let us know in the comments below or by joining our Discord channel.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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Source: The Gamer

Featured Image: Nintendo (via The Ringer)

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