How To Make Money Fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a charming life simulator, along the lines of an Animal Crossing, where you make friends with various Disney characters in your own personal village. However, much like real life, if you want to make any real improvement to your standard of living, cash is king, baby. Scrooge McDuck is in charge of new construction, and there aren’t any handouts coming anytime soon. Here are some tips to get an income going fast. 

  • Use the Right Friends: Whenever you introduce a new character into your village, you can choose what job they specialize in, whether it be gardening, mining, harvesting, fishing, or digging. As you grow their friendship level, they increase their job level as well, upping the odds of them dropping a free item while you are doing that activity. If you have a friend who’s into mining, and you unearth an emerald, they offer a chance of giving you a completely free second emerald. It’s very useful early on, when you don’t have a huge energy level.
  • Gardening is Big Business: Gardening is the quickest way to get cash flowing without taxing your energy meter, especially when done in bulk. Every crop is worth more than the seed you bought, but also important is the yield of the crop. Certain crops offer two or three more crops out of the one seed, giving a bigger return on investment. Mix this with a gardening friend, and you’ll get up to four times the crops from one seed. 
  • Sell EVERYTHING: Whenever you start a session of Disney Dreamlight Valley, your village will look like a shopping center after Black Friday, there’s just crap everywhere. Start picking up as much as you can. Rocks, sticks, spices, fruit, everything. The secret is the fact that the inventory system stacks the same item in one spot. So, if you have 99 rocks, that’s only one space in your inventory. And while rocks and sticks have the lowest sell price, they cost you nothing to pick up. So stack the freebies up for a quick chunk of change.
  • Expand When You Can: The other important form of currency is Dreamlight, which is earned through completing tasks throughout the village. While it is tempting to go to the castle and bring in new friends, this is actually counter-productive, as the tasks and missions they have usually need components you don’t have access to in the main hub of the village. Instead, use the Dreamlight to unlock new expansions to the village. These  areas will have new herbs with a higher sell price, new mining spots with rarer gemstones, and shop stands that have new seeds for a pricier harvest. 

With these tips, you should be growing your net worth in a matter of moments. And while the real magic is friendship, it’s really hard to pay a credit card bill with memories and moments. Check back here next for more useful tips, or check the drop down menu for more help! 

Featured Image: Gameloft

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