A character from Disney Dreamlight Valley in Bonnie's room from the Toy Story movies with Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gets New Holiday Update Introducing Toy Story Characters, Stitch

A new holiday-themed update is out for Disney Dreamlight Valley bringing with it a host of items, characters, and the introduction of the Toy Story realm.

The update is called Missions in Uncharted Space and is available to all paid early access users on the game. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a cross between a life-sim and an adventure game with a paid early access release on all major consoles as well as PC gaming sites.

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The new Toy Story realm allows players to shrink down to a toy-size version of their character and explore Bonnie’s room. Players can interact and recruit Woody and Buzz Lightyear to live in the valley, allowing the duo to send them on various quests.

Both have the option to level up, which brings a host of character-themed motifs, decorations, and other collectables. Players can access Bonnie’s room via a new realm door at the castle.

Video Credit: Gameloft

Stitch from Lilo and Stitch is another character making a debut in the game. Players can team up with Donald Duck to track down Stitch and recruit him to the valley, bringing with him new quests.

Other additions to the game include Dreamlight Valley’s third Star Path with a host of holiday cosmetics, items, and dream styles for Mickey and Merlin. The game’s Star Paths are designated tasks for players to complete and, in return, they can win the themed prizes.

The new update also brings a bevy of other Holiday-themed items and clothing that allow players a host of customizable options. There will also be many new holiday recipes available to help those in the valley to gain extra stamina.

The update also brought a good amount of fixes to bugs and other problems within Disney Dreamlight Valley. Many of those improvements focus on performance on the Nintendo Switch.

This update is the second of two planned free updates for players within the paid early access realm, which opened on Sept. 6. Those interested can buy into the early access period by buying the Founder’s Pack or having an active Xbox Game Pass subscription.

A character from Disney Dreamlight Valley in a house with Mickey Mouse decorated for the holiday season.
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Disney Dreamlight Valley is slated for a free-to-play launch in 2023 with purchasable expansion content. The game will be available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC gaming stores such as Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, and Mac App Store.

There appears to be some optimism behind this game and many are participating in the early access period. Continued updates like this will continue to add interest and intrigue to the eventual official launch. 

If you are playing the game, let us know how you are enjoying the game or what you would like to see added. Drop a comment below or head over to our Discord channel to share your thoughts. 

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