Nintendo Releases Age Distribution Chart Revealing Slight Growth Across All Groups

Nintendo has shared through a corporate management policy briefing shortly after the Q2 fiscal year 2023 report, that revealed some more unique information. A very short document of 54 pages.

Most of the document is chalk full of sales and data figures as well as trends. One of these pieces of data showcase the age distribution chart that highlights who is playing the Nintendo Switch. The chart reveals that most players are between 20-30 years of age with 30-40 following. Even though growth has occurred across all age groups the 11-19 age range is low. Oddly enough this isn’t anything new or alarming based on past charts that also show this dip in this age span.

This kind of data is very helpful to any company to see what they excel at and where they could try and tailor their software to better reach out to certain age groups. As an observation from myself it is sometimes funny that you hear that Nintendo is a kid’s system and that Sony and Microsoft don’t think its competition because of the mature software they sell but according to this data it is an adult user-oriented system while perhaps other mediums cater to the younger crowd. This could be based on friends playing certain games, online presence for social interaction, or perhaps certain genres available.

What do you think about this data and this document? Do the age groups make sense and how can Nintendo improve on evening out the ages? What do you enjoy about Nintendo games or game sin general? Let us hear your opinion on the data.       

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