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Boss Rush Banter: Which Super Mario Galaxy 2 Level is Your Favorite?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is often a forgotten gem in the Mario saga, despite many heralding it as the best 3D Mario game.

It improves on an already fantastic entry despite not innovating much from its predecessor. Many forget about this entry partly because it didn’t appear in Super Mario 3D All-Stars and it appeared during the twilight of the Wii’s lifespan. 

Still, it raked in great reviews and even saw a re-release on the Wii U via the eshop. (Psst! There’s still time to get it from the Wii U eshop).

One of the aspects of Super Mario Galaxy 2, similar to all 3D Mario games, that made the game a lot of fun is the unique gameplay and level design.

So which galaxy was your favorite?

A Return to Galaxies

To be honest, this game came out during my break from gaming. I didn’t know it existed until years later when I came across a ranking of the best 3D Mario games. Shortly thereafter, it was available on the Wii U.

The levels hooked me instantly. I was familiar with Super Mario Galaxy so I knew what to expect. What I didn’t expect was to get lost in the various worlds.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 world Hightail Falls
Image Credit: Nintendo (via GameSpay)

Hightail Falls is a personal favorite of mine in this game because of the unique challenge. It featured Yoshi, who returned after missing the previous Galaxy game, having to eat a chili pepper and run quickly up the walls a la Sonic the Hedgehog.

This galaxy was also great because it featured the athletic theme from Super Mario World. The callbacks and challenging platforming left me loving this world.

Another memorable world was the Throwback Galaxy. This was just a modern reboot of Whomp’s Fortress from Super Mario 64

I could not stop smiling as this level appeared and I got to return to a beloved world from my childhood. The nostalgia of this galaxy is undefeated. 

Super Galaxy 2 world Twisty Trials Galaxy
Image Credit: Nintendo (via GameSpy)

In that same vein, the Twisty Trials Galaxy was another reimagining of a past level. It was one of the secret levels in Super Mario Sunshine at Ricco Harbor. Apparently, nostalgia will win me over, always.

This game had a host of great levels that I loved including the Haunty Halls Galaxy, the Tall Trunk Galaxy, and the Shiverburn Galaxy.

What About You?

I rarely found a level in this game that I despised. What made Super Mario Galaxy 2 really fun was once you beat Bowser, you could return to all previous worlds and collect green stars. This was a fun excuse to return to all the past levels.

In my experience, Super Mario Galaxy 2 had the best array of worlds over all other 3D Mario games.

But what about you? Which galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is your favorite? Where does this game rank on your list of 3D Mario games? Be sure to let us know below or on our Discord channel

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