Boss Rush Banter: What Will the New Pikmin in Pikmin 4 Be Like?

The long-awaited next entry to the Pikmin series is slated to release in 2023. We don’t know when exactly, and in fact we don’t know much at all about the game. But that doesn’t stop fans of the franchise from speculating and wondering about Pikmin 4. Every Pikmin game has introduced players to new types of Pikmin, and it feels safe to assume the newest game will too. What will the new Pikmin in Pikmin 4 be like?

Pikmin released in 2001 for the Gamecube. That game introduced the world to the wonderful plant-like creatures we know and love as Pikmin. We learned about Red Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin, and Blue Pikmin. In Pikmin 2 we met Purple Pikmin, White Pikmin, and the lesser known Bulbmin type as well. Winged Pikmin and Rock Pikmin appeared in Pikmin 3. While at this point we can’t be sure there will be new types of Pikmin found in Pikmin 4, for the purposes of this article we will take it as a given.

7 varieties of Pikmin. Image Credit: Nintendo

Since most types of Pikmin are named after their color, or have a strong color representation, it’s safe to start with the unused colors. There are obvious missing colors, such as orange and green. Perhaps there could be Pikmin who are silver or gold? While we already have Blue Pikmin, many fans have speculated about a lighter shade, such as a Cyan Pikmin. What about a transparent, or clear, Pikmin? They could be a crystal-based Pikmin, or be more liquid and gooey like. And when considering colors, it’s hard not to think of the idea of Rainbow Pikmin, or some other multi-colored Pikmin type. But it’s not just about how these new Pikmin might appear. Any such new Pikmin would have to possess some unique abilities.

Pikmin abilities affect aspects of the game including combat and movement. If Pikmin 4 is more open and less linear than previous games, perhaps a new Pikmin could be involved in exploration. Perhaps the game will take inspiration from Pikmin Bloom, where you send some Pikmin out on longer journeys to retrieve items. New Pikmin types might be named more based on their abilities, such as Rock Pikmin and Winged Pikmin. They could borrow, again, from Pikmin Bloom, by using some of the decorated Pikmin in that game, and we could get something like an Acorn Pikmin. Or we could get a purely function based name such as Floating Pikmin.

Ultimately it remains to be seen what, if any, new types of Pikmin we’ll get to experience in Pikmin 4, and I can’t wait to find out. What kinds of new Pikmin would you like to see? Are you hoping for more traditional designs and names, such as Orange Pikmin, or do you want something wild and creative? What kinds of abilities would you like the new Pikmin to possess? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or come by the Boss Rush Discord and tell us there. 

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