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Boss Rush Banter: How Do You Find and Select Indie Games?

One of the more recent parts of rediscovering gaming over the past decade has been my deep dive into indie games.

I used to only focus on Triple-A games and companies I was familiar with when it came to purchasing titles. I had heard of indie games but I never ventured into them until recently.

My first foray was playing Shantae from WayForward Technologies. Several years later, I played Hollow Knight from Team Cherry and that was the game that hooked me on indie titles.

The indie field has multiplied astronomically over the years to the point where many titles don’t feel lesser than Triple-A titles. Additionally, the popularity has risen over the years and many continue to venture into these types of games.

With so many indie options available, how do you go about selecting a game?

My first tried and true way is to look for titles that are similar to Triple-A games I enjoy. This means diving into Zelda-likes, Metroidvanias, and other similar games.

The Legend of Zelda is my all-time favorite gaming series. I hopped on the franchise’s bandwagon in the late ‘90s so it was primarily 3D titles for me, meaning I missed many of the 2D games.

The title card for Anodyne, an indie game form Analgesic Productions
Image Credit: Analgesic Productions (via Nintendo)

I still found a love for the 2D titles later, however, and that has shaped a good chunk of my indie searches. Blossom Tales, Death’s Door, and Anodyne are just some of the games that have made their way to my backlog because of my love for The Legend of Zelda.

Similar to finding games based on larger titles I enjoy, I also search for ones within my favorite genres. 

Role-playing games is one of my favorite genres. Admittedly, I’m still searching within this genre, but I have added Chained Echoes to my backlog and have found interest in other titles like Cosmic Star Heroine

Another method I use is I trust the opinions of friends and reviewers I revere. There are many at the Boss Rush Network who love indie titles and love to share their opinion on what are their favorite games.

There is no wrong way to find indie titles. The genre contains a lot of excellent games, many of which fly under the radar. 

What’s even better is these developers love gaming and put in the effort to provide a great experience.

So how do you approach selecting indie titles? What are some of your favorite indies you’ve come across over the years? Let us know in the comments below or by heading over to our Discord channel.

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