Boss Rush Banter: What Do You Love About Indie Games?

With the possibility of an Indie World Showcase announcement soon, we would like to ask our readers, what do you love about indie games? It seems there are qualities that stand out in the indie genre compared to bigger titles. Here’s a few reasons why I love indie games.

I believe indie games really broaden their audience by taking the biggest risk compared to most AAA games. For example, metroidvanias are big in the indie community. There are games like Guacamelee and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom that really stick out compared to your typical metroidvania. These two don’t feel like your average dark, serious metroidvania and are not the only indies to give this genre light and humor. Guacamelee feels structured like Super Metroid, but when it comes down to it, Guacamelee stands out with its change of combat, where attack combos are very important for progression. Additionally, this game has a co-op feature so you can play with a friend! Why should the Metroidvania world be lonely when you can enjoy these laughs with your friends! Even games like Monster Sanctuary where it’s a Metroidvania with pocket monsters. Not only that, each pocket monster has their own skill tree for level ups! Set your strategy up to fit your play style! Such a wild spin on this genre, and that’s just a few examples.

Guacamelee co-op gameplay

Another genre indies stand out for are roleplaying games. Especially bringing back a taste of the 16-bit era with games like Crosscode, Stardew Valley, Undertale and Everhood. Take Stardew Valley for example; it has all the love in a farming simulation game a Harvest Moon fan would love, but with RPG elements (like exploring mines where you’ll fight multiple creatures with a sword while mining rocks for more resources in-between). Then there are games like Everhood and Undertale that have a unique fighting mechanic that takes away from the traditional action RPG or turn-based fighting. Not only do we get these fascinating twists on RPGs from indie developers, but they’re even bringing sports in to RPGs like Golf Story, Dodgeball Academia, RPGolf Legends and more! Who says an RPG can’t be zen?

Dodgeball Academia Special Attack

Over the years, gaming has evolved into many sub-genres. We see a nice amount of these genres creatively mixed together to provide a new unique experience for gamers! Indie developers are well known for taking these risks. So the thing I love most is how innovative indie games have been in the gaming industry.

Does anything stand out to you in indie games? What do you love most about indie games and do you have a favorite indie? Tell us in the comments below or over in the Boss Rush Discord!

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