Boss Rush Banter: Should Gex the Gecko Make a Return in Modern Consoles?

There are an astounding number of video games entering its 25th anniversary: Banjo-Kazooie, F-Zero X, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Resident Evil 2, and Spyro the Dragon. These games have either been ported via virtual console or remade/remastered. Honestly, it’s an astounding time to be a gamer and relive some classics. Not only that, but it contributes to gaming preservation. While scrolling through the list of all video games released in 1998, I also saw Gex: Enter the Gecko. Anyone remember him?

Crystal Dynamics were the masterminds behind this smart-talking anthropomorphic gecko, and they released the first game in the franchise in 1995. The sequel, Gex: Enter the Gecko was published a few years later in 1998 on multiple platforms including the PlayStation and Nintendo 64. The Gex games were essentially platformers, and fell in the shadows of Mario 64, Spyro, and Banjo-Kazooie. Regardless, this gecko has had a few games under his belt, and I’ve wondered if he should make a return to modern consoles?

Image Source: Crystal Dynamics

This could either be a simply port or a complete remake. It is unlikely that there is a demand for more platformers, especially ones of older IPs with silly 90s plotlines. In Gex: Enter the Gecko, Gex must collect three TV remotes to unlock different TVs that will help him in a fight against Rez. Seems really silly now, actually. However, his move sets (kicking, tail whipping, bouncing on his tail, and climbing walls) are endearing unique to him, while sticking to the formula of utilizing TVs as gates to other worlds. Also, the humor was heavily influenced by The Simpsons.

While there is likely no call for a PlayStation 5 reboot a la Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, I would love to see Gex: Enter the Gecko get a spot on the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. This game released in the late 90s, which means the fan base is in their mid-30s to late 40s, and nostalgia is at an all time high. While Gex may not be as popular as Banjo, Mario, or Spyro, I think this gecko deserves to return to the spotlight, even in a small way.

Have you played any of the Gex games, and would you like to see it make a return? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord.


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Featured Image Source: Crystal Dynamics

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