Boss Rush Banter: When Will We See a New Top-Down Legend of Zelda Game?

Since the original Legend of Zelda adventure, the games perspective was from a top-down view. Over the years we have had other views, such as side scrolling and third person, but it has been a while since we have had an original top-down title. With The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom showing up in 2023 how would a new top-down fit into the Nintendo release plan?

Let us first look at the count of mainline titles and when the last top-down games were released. There are nineteen mainline Zelda games in the series not including remakes or ports, HD or 3D makeovers, or the upcoming Tears of the Kingdom. The last top-down to come out was a remake of Links Awakening on Nintendo Switch in 2019. Even though this was a remake and looked stunning in its new art style it is still a remake. The last new top-down original game was Triforce Heroes for the 3DS, which released in 2015. Leaving a large gap between then and now. So, with the information we have, can we deduce the direction and the potential timeline in which we may see it come forth.

The options that I can see for a top-down Zelda come down to the following:

Remake/Remaster – With the new take on the classic favorite Link’s Awakening, we can see a new effort to revitalize past Zelda games and I am all for it. With games such as Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, and Minish Cap, I could see some creative remakes of these already wonderful adventures. We must ask ourselves if we want to see a new art style or use that of the Links Awakening style. I would be happy with whatever they decide but please add additional content to the game.

Zelda Maker – We got a glimpse of a Zelda dungeon creator in Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Switch. Though I thought it was a fun bonus to the overall game, I felt it lacked a lot and could really use a polished overhaul and what better way to do that with its own spinoff series of the Mario Maker series. Use what you have already created and make it much more in depth. Maybe allow for full customization of a room. Placement of décor, traps, enemies, rupees, and items would be amazing as well as the strength and behavior of the enemies individually. Combine some programming from Garage Builder or Labo into the game and it could be a powerful creation tool.

Brand New – Well with Triforce Heroes as the last new title for top-down Nintendo has the opportunity to create a new adventure, packed full of new ideas and new ways to play. A new art style would give the game an identity and we can hope for a bigger world to explore. The creative story and freedom the developers could invest into a new title is just as exciting to me as any new 3D Zelda game. I would like to see how a new game would look this decade.

So, when would a new top-down Zelda fit into a busy Nintendo timeline? We know on May 12th, 2023, we will receive Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom & we can probably say that this game will receive DLC later this year or into next year. With that thought we could see them push out the rumored Wind Waker or Twilight Princess HD versions or perhaps we get a new remake like Links Awakening received. Either way my guess is we will not see a new top-down Zelda title until late 2025 to early 2026. If it is sooner, I’d be happy to be wrong.

What is your favorite top-down Zelda game? Which one would you like to see as a remake next? What are your thoughts on when a new top-down Zelda if any could come out? Let us know your thoughts on the next Zelda game.

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