Boss Rush Banter: Could the Mario Movie Have an After Credits Scene That Will Launch a Cinematic Universe in Marvel Fashion?

“Mushroom Kingdom here we come,” as Chris Pratt says, as the new voice of Mario, in his finest Brooklyn accent in the upcoming Mario movie from Nintendo and Illumination. We have been waiting for April 5th almost as much as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom release, but is this a one-off movie or will more worlds and movie spin offs come out of the pipework’s?

As we get closer to the date, we see more marketing for the movie and with each reveal comes more speculation much like a game we have been waiting a long time for. We have seen Bowser, voiced by Jack Black, melt an ice kingdom with his fiery breath like a magnifying glass amplifying the sun’s rays. On that same note we see Bowser interrogating Luigi, voiced by Charlie Day, staying relatively collect besides the sudden removal of facial hair.  We see Mario land in a lush and vast toadstool filled field and guided by toad, voiced by Keegan-Michael Key, off to the Mushroom Kingdom. We also see Princess Peach, voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy, have a strong stance to ward off Bowser with his unwanted presence. These scenes alone do not prove a multiverse but let us go over other scenes as well as what has been rumored.

Watching other scenes and taking real world knowledge and applying it to what we know or heard can unveil a different more exciting picture. These are franchises already shown in the trailers that could eventually have a spin-off movie in the future.

Donkey Kong – We see Donkey Kong in an arena with a vast amount of other Kongs, this coupled with the knowledge that Nintendo will be working with Universal Studios to construct a Donkey Kong Country area after completion of the Super Mario World is a big indicator of a movie in the future.

Super Smash Brothers – Donkey Kong and Mario in an arena filled with spectators duking it out, do I need to go on?

Mario Kart – Obviously in the trailer we see Peach wearing her attire from the Mario Kart series as well as the rainbow road reveal and all the cars and karts cruising upon it. We could defiantly see a racing flick in the future.

Luigi’s Mansion – We see Luigi running from all sorts of scary things, would it not make sense to see him fumbling about in the dark in some mansion or hotel?

Mario Maker – We see the makings of this while Mario is training, but beyond that I do not see this getting a movie.

Captain Toad – As Toad guides Mario in the movie could we see are adventurous fun-guy seek out some treasure?

Mario Galaxy – Will the cinematic universe vastly open with the ability to go to endless worlds out in the great beyond? I can see this happening.

These were just a few of my observations, but what do you think will happen after the Mario movie provided it is a success? What franchises did you potentially see from the movie? What Nintendo franchises would you like to see come to the big screen? Will you be going to the Mario movie? Tell us your thoughts friends.

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