Battle Kid Returns to Infuriate a New Generation

8-Bit Legit, the publishing arm of Retrotainment Games and Mega Cat Studios, has acquired Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril. The rage-inducing metroidvania platformer can be pre-ordered on Nintendo Switch starting May 12th, with a retail release to follow on May 19th, 2023.

Initially created for the NES and released on cartridge in 2010 by Jordan Ordorica (Sivak Games), Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril was one of the earlier widely known NES homebrews, particularly due to an appearance on Game Grumps.

Video Credit: 8-Bit Legit

8-Bit Legit describes the plot as follows:

You and Timmy are about to have a bad day… A very bad day. Timmy is just a kid, a promising student in a combat training program. Then this exiled turncoat shows up and exacts his revenge by blowing up the program and stealing their secrets. Now Timmy’s gotta grow up real quick… He springs into action, dawns a secret special combat suit, and pursues the turncoat Chester to the abandoned wizard castle – the Fortress of Peril.

So, a kid is about to save the day?? Not just any kid, Battle Kid.

8-Bit Legit

Features include 8-bit graphics loyal to the NES, story and arcade modes, over 30 enemy types and eight bosses, five difficulty settings, an in-game manual, and three swappable gameplay borders on Nintendo Switch and Xbox. The Xbox version also features achievements.

The game is available on Xbox, on Nintendo Switch, and as a rom.

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Source: 8-Bit Legit

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