Another Lost DOOM Installment is Pulled from the Ashes

The modder team has ported DOOM II RPG to PC.

Previously only available on long defunct mobile services, the game can now be played in a new source port. The team previously ported DOOM RPG.

DOOM RPG, DOOM II RPG, and their spin-off Wolfenstein RPG are curios of a now lost period of technology: phones (mostly of the flip variety) with just enough internet access to download simple games. They often featured greatly simplified graphics, and gameplay had to be conducted on as few buttons as possible (usually just arrow keys, or equivalents, and an action button).

How do you convert the frantic action of DOOM to a low-power device with limited keys? You don’t. While these games retain the first person perspective, they’re dungeon-crawling RPGs as Doomguy meets NPCs and ventures into mazes full of demons.

The original id Software team was known for squeezing every last ounce of power out of hardware without taxing the system, mostly thanks to the wizardry of John Carmack. And that wizardry is on full display as mid-2000s cell phones could match, and sometimes exceed, the graphics of an early ’90s computer. These were the last DOOM games worked on by any team members involved in the original series. For that reason alone, it’s good news that these games have been preserved in a way that future generations can play them.

The team’s instructions on how to run DOOM II RPG can be found here.

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