Boss Rush Banter: Is The Next Nintendo Console Just Going To Be A Better Switch?

The era of the Nintendo Switch seems to be nearing an end. While we still have great games coming later this year like Pikmin 4, Super Mario RPG, and Super Mario Bros. Wonder, it’s also been seven years since the system first launched back in 2017. Nintendo is no doubt planning ahead for their next console, and fans have been speculating what this next system could be. Unlike PlayStation and Xbox, Nintendo’s had no pattern whatsoever with their consoles, so as it stands right now, we have no clue what’s coming. However, with the amazing success of the Nintendo Switch, is it likely that the next Nintendo system is, for all intents and purposes, an improved Switch?

The Nintendo Switch, the OLED model, and the Switch Lite make up the Nintendo Switch family of consoles. (Image Source: Nintendo)

Nintendo’s had seven home consoles now. While many of them have come in different shapes and sizes, they’ve also had a history of simply improving the prior system and slapping on an extra word (or letter) to the system. After the Nintendo Entertainment System came the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which added a few more buttons on the controller, as well as updated graphics. After the Wii, fans got the Wii U, which added in the Gamepad, a controller with it’s own screen that could be used for most games, but also accepted the basic Wii controllers and games. Could we be getting something like a “Super Switch” or “Nintendo Switch U?” It’s not outside the realm of possibilities.

That said, Nintendo’s also made some pretty big leaps. The jump from Nintendo 64 to the GameCube got rid of cartridges and replaced them with discs, as well as requiring memory cards to carry over save data. The Wii’s whole gimmick was it’s motion controls, which no one could have seen coming based on the GameCube. So while a console similar to the Switch seems possible, I wouldn’t put it past Nintendo to blow us all away with something entirely new that hasn’t even crossed out minds yet.

Nintendo’s history of systems, both home consoles and handheld, has been vastly diverse compared to their competitors. (Image Source: Business Insider)

However, this whole debate feels volatile when you remember that the Nintendo Switch isn’t just a home console. It’s also a handheld system, and when you look at Nintendo’s history of handhelds, it’s obvious what’s next. After the Game Boy, we had the Game Boy Advance. The Nintendo DS may have introduced an iconic second screen, but it also came with the ability to play Game Boy Advance games. And while the 3DS doesn’t have the ability to play GBA games like it’s predecessor, at the end of the day, the 3DS was “just a better DS.”

For now, we’ll have to continue to speculate what the next console will be. Personally, I have no doubt that the new system will be able to play Switch games, but beyond that, your guess is as good as mine. What do you think the next system will look like? Do you think Nintendo’s close to revealing it? Let us know in a comment, or by joining the Boss Rush Discord server!

Featured Image: Nintendo

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