How Does the Weapon Banner Work in Genshin Impact?

I’ve previously written about the Standard Character Banner and the Event Character Banner in Genshin Impact which you can check out here. I mentioned that the Weapon Banner is a thing all on its own. So, how does the Weapon Banner work in Genshin Impact

The Weapon Banner rotates in the same duration of the Event Character Banner, starring two five star weapons that typically suit the event characters being run. For example, the second-half of the 3.8 update of Genshin Impact will feature a re-run of Kokomi and the Wanderer. The Weapon Banner will feature the five-star weapons Everlasting Moonglow and Tulaytullah’s Remembrance. 

Alongside the two rated up five-star weapons, there are rated up four-star weapons as well. The Weapon Banner will always rate up one four-star weapon of each weapon type. With the two five-star weapons, this banner will also feature The Lion’s Roar (Sword), The Bell (Claymore), Dragon’s Bane (Polearm), and Favonius Warbow (Bow). 

The Pity System for the Weapon Banner is a bit different from the character banners. Players are guaranteed a five-star weapon at least once every 80 pulls. Furthermore, there is a 75% chance that players will pull either rated up five-star weapons.

If players lose and pull a standard five-star weapon, their next five-star weapon is guaranteed to be one of the event five-star weapons. From then on, it is a 50/50 chance between either of them.

Now, if players fail to get their desired five-star weapon even after the 50/50 (like getting Everlasting Moonglow instead of Tulaytullah’s Remembrance), there is a way they can guarantee getting that weapon in their following pulls. Players are able to set an Epitomized Path. 

The Epitomized Path allows players to pick one of the two rated up five-star weapons as their desired weapon. Players need to set the path before they pull any five-star weapon, otherwise the Fate Points from this path do not properly accumulate. Every time a player fails to pull the weapon they set their path on, they gain a Fate Point. When players have two Fate Points, the next five-star weapon they pull on the banner will be the event five-star weapon they choose. 

If a player receives their desired five-star weapon at any value of Fate Points, their points will reset back to zero. Players can also change their desired weapon at any point, though this change will also reset the Fate Points back to zero.

This banner comes with a lot of risks which is why most players will recommend others to not pull on the Weapon Banner. I agree with this tip as gathering enough wishes for the character banner can be difficult, let alone for weapons that really only min/max character builds. 

The only time I recommend players to pull on the Weapon banner is when the rated up four-star weapons are good, versatile weapons.

For example, I do not recommend the second-half of 3.8’s Weapon Banner. The Lion’s Roar and The Bell are weapons that aren’t as versatile nor helpful for many characters’ kits. The Dragon’s Bane can be a decent weapon on Xiangling who is a freely given four-star character in the game. Favonius Warbow is an overall great bow for support bow characters. 

I would not recommend players to pull on the Weapon Banner with half of the four-star weapons being unsuitable for most characters. Plus, the two five-star weapons could be exchanged for four-star weapons that either better suit or have similar effects for the rated up event five-star characters.

The Weapon Banner involves a lot more dedication in order for players to pull their desired five-star weapon. Players can go as far as having to pull, at the max, 240 times before receiving the weapon they want. It is a greater investment for players and much more reliant on luck in comparison to the character banners. 

What are your thoughts on Genshin Impact’s Weapon Banner? What would prompt you to pull on this banner? Share your thoughts in the comments below or in our Boss Rush Discord

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