Boss Rush Banter: Mega Man X4 Deserves a Redub

Mega Man X4 pumped up the franchise’s storytelling, exploring more complex character arcs, which included anime cut scenes. With eight full levels available for two different character campaigns, Mega Man X4 offers a far more emotional narrative than previous entries in the series.

Mega Man X4 (Image Credit: Capcom)

But can we talk about the line delivery?

Coming out in 1997, the same year that saw the release of Princess Mononoke and Samurai X, Mega Man X4 had lackluster performances at best. Monotone deliveries, inconsistent accents, and a romance arc that nobody believed thanks to Zero’s almost painful voice acting dragged down what was undoubtedly a game ahead of its time.

We first met X and Zero in 1993’s Mega Man X, so a redo voicing these iconic cut scenes could be a great way to celebrate. Just imagine Taliesin Jaffe as Zero, taking on the haunted android. A simple redub could completely change the game.

Taliesin Jaffe (Image Credit: Critical Role)

Should Capcom USA celebrate with the cut scenes voiced anew? Who would you cast for a redub? Share your reactions in the comments below or join the conversation on Boss Rush Network’s Discord and Facebook.

Featured Image: Capcom (via Mod DB)

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