Boss Rush Banter: DinoBunny’s MarioLore is the Best TikTok Fandom Reimagining

If you’re on TikTok and a fan of Super Mario, then you’ve likely seen DinoBunny‘s MarioLore. Reimagining the Mushroom Kingdom with King Boo and Bowser as brothers, DinoBunny explores the political intrigue of court pre-Mario.

As short-form videos move to the front of fandom content, DinoBunny has gone a step beyond, shifting genres and turning the original Princess Peach narrative on its head.

Bowser (DinoGraveyard) and Princess Peach (Lovebunny) (Image Credit: DinoBunny Cosplay)

The duo of DinoGraveyard (Kade) and Lovebunny (Ken) have it all. Fantastic costumes, eye-catching makeup, the attitude to carry the numerous iconic roles they play! Of all TikTok fandom content, they’re leagues ahead.

With writing this good, the dynamic pair could easily have sold this as the next Game of Thrones; instead, we’re gifted with a deeper lore for these familiar characters beyond clip trends and romance.

Deceased King Boo (Image Credit: DinoBunny Cosplay)

King Boo’s murder and the arrival of everyone’s favorite plumber promise even more to come, so I don’t know about you, but I’ll be impatiently refreshing to feed my lore addiction.

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Featured Image: DinoBunny Cosplay

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