Boss Rush Banter: What Kind of DLC Do You Want to See for Final Fantasy XVI?

In the nearly three months since Final Fantasy XVI was released the game has received glowing reviews, and I’ve been enjoying my time with it immensely. Its approach to storytelling and dialogue has been a treat to watch unfold, the spectacle of the Eikon battles is epic and memorable, and the game’s graphics are stunning and take advantage of the PlayStation 5’s horsepower.

It’s a worthy installment of the Final Fantasy franchise, but I think there’s room for improvement, and Square Enix seems to agree. The company is taking polls of the content and gameplay features players would like to see added to Final Fantasy XVI, which could manifest in the form of DLC. So, if Final Fantasy XVI did get DLC, what would you want to see? 

Note: this Boss Rush Banter will go into some spoilers for Final Fantasy XVI.

Story and Character DLC

For story-based or character-driven content, I’d love to see character-centric stories “Episodes,” a la Final Fantasy XV, revolving around Joshua and Dion. As I played through Final Fantasy XVI, I desperately wanted to learn more about Joshua’s story and his journey. Was he emotionally scarred by the events at Phoenix Gate? How long was it before he learned about Ultima and his machinations? An “Episode Joshua” could answer my questions about his journey while also adding to the lore and story of Final Fantasy XVI.

I’d also be interested in seeing an “Episode Dion” story that focuses on his character and involvement in the Sanbreque conflict versus Waloed. From his loyalty to his kingdom to his desire to atone for his mistakes and his sweet romance with Terence, Dion is among one of the best and most complex characters in the game. It’s just a shame he doesn’t have a lot of screen time.

Sadly, Joshua and Dion both don’t join the party until very late in the story, and it’s part of why I think they both deserve DLC episodes. Having the chance to spend time with these characters and learn more about them would enrich their stories and character arcs. It would also endear players to them even more (not that I need help there since they’re my favorite characters, followed closely by Cid) and further contextualize what we see of their motivations and journeys in the story.

Lastly, Final Fantasy XVI alludes to there being eight known Eikons. Of the ones we know about based on the game’s rich history, Leviathan is the only one we don’t see. Leviathan is also referred to as being “lost” throughout the game and I’d love to learn more. Where is Leviathan? Are they intentionally hiding or did something happen to them? Who is their Dominant? A DLC episode where we learn more about Leviathan, find them, and potentially acquire their power would be fantastic, both for the story and gameplay.

Image credit: Square Enix

Optional Dungeons and Gameplay DLC

For gameplay updates and additions, I think classic RPG elements, like equipping your party members with gear and leveling up their abilities, should return. Outside of Clive, none of your party member’s equipment or abilities can be changed, and they don’t even have HP bars in battles. As is, their presence feels like an afterthought, and because there’s no risk to them, it reduces tension during combat.

Because of this, I think the other characters should be playable party members. It could follow Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s approach where you can switch between your playable characters on the fly. Imagine being able to play as not just Clive, but also Cid, Jill, or even Torgal?! It would be amazing. I imagine each character having unique abilities separate from Clive to help keep combat fresh, exciting, and dynamic.

Finally, it’d be great if optional dungeons revolving around the Fallen Ruins were added. You can find entrances to the Fallen Ruins scattered throughout Valisthea, but they aren’t interactive. Clive makes comments about them, though, so I’m hoping that Square Enix is already planning future DLC around them.

The optional dungeons could range from challenging boss battle roulettes to labyrinthian mazes containing a great treasure. Since Fallen Ruins are shown to extend deep underground or high in the sky, it means each dungeon has the potential to be incredibly distinct. The different backdrops would keep exploration interesting and organic, and I think it’s a great way to incentivize players to return to previous areas outside of the occasional side quest.

Image credit: Square Enix

These are just some of the things I’d love to see if DLC was added to Final Fantasy XVI. What about you? Let us know in the comments, or join us at the Boss Rush Discord!

Featured Image: Square Enix

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