Boss Rush Banter: Why the Next Predator Movie Should Be Another Standalone Story

Recently, Prey director Dan Trachtenberg announced that the film would be getting a special edition home release; this was in stark contrast to the original plans from Disney, which included a straight to Hulu, stream-only release, and was a change in no small part due to the passion of fans.

Given the massive success of Prey, fans are hungry for more from Trachtenberg and Disney’s new hands-off approach. So what exactly should come next?

The ending credits of Prey implied a continuing story, showing (via animation) the return of other Yautja ships and hinting at the possibility of Naru joining with a clan as a fellow hunter. Such an idea wouldn’t be unheard of. Machiko Noguchi famously did exactly this in the Dark Horse comic run Aliens Versus Predator. You can watch “The Battle for Ryushi” here.

Mid-credits scene from Prey showing the Yautja returning to Earth.
Image Source: Hulu

While this idea might be popular among fans (indeed it’s a fantastic story), I’m not sure this is the right path forward for the Predator franchise. Trying to squeeze stories dry of every last drop of cash-earning potential is exactly what’s wrong with Hollywood today. Rather than allowing new stories to be told, even those that are unusual or edgy, big-time studios instead opt for safe money-grabs. Was Thor successful? How about three more? Another Indiana Jones? Why not? While these movies might scratch the itches of nostalgia and fandom, they often fall short of being good stories. And that’s where Prey bucks the trend.

With Prey, Dan Trachtenburg didn’t try to recreate the past, nor did he shoehorn in connections to Dutch or references to the other major films of the franchise. In fact, the only major connection was Raphael Adolini’s flintlock pistol, which fit quite naturally in the film. No, Trachtenburg told a standalone story, and by doing so, had the freedom to craft his own hero, to masterfully vary the Yautja’s look and behavior; and in so doing, he made the best Predator film in decades.

Now that’s not to say the Machiko Noguchi story isn’t worth telling. It’s fantastic, and I would love to see it brought to the silver screen one day. But Machiko isn’t Naru; merging their stories for the purpose of selling another film would be a shame and a disservice to both these strong female characters. I’m also not opposed to another story involving Naru, but it ought to be her own and one worthy of the follow-up adventure.

Machiko Noguchi, Image: Dark Horse Comics

But more importantly, Prey showed that a standalone story can work; and the truth is that there are simply so many other exciting possibilities out there. As many online have dreamed up, the idea of a Yautja facing off against the samurai seems too incredible to resist. Similarly, the eras of the Roman empire, the vikings, and even the American West would be great cinema and provide writers and directors a chance to tell a unique story.

Sure Arnold was great. Danny Glover knocked it out of the park in Predator 2, but we don’t have to keep recreating yesterday’s stories to enjoy our favorite franchises. And don’t get me started on the Aliens franchise, which still hasn’t found its way since saying goodbye (far too late I might add) to my gal Ripley.

Whatever comes next for the Predator franchise, I will certainly be in my seat, ready with the popcorn and soda; but I truly hope the powers-that-be are paying attention to the success of Prey and give us a standalone adventure.

Tell us what you think! Would you prefer the next Predator film to be a standalone story or do you want something that builds off of previous films. Share your reactions in the comments below or join the conversation on Boss Rush Network’s Discord and Facebook.

Featured Image: Dark Horse Comics

2 thoughts on “Boss Rush Banter: Why the Next Predator Movie Should Be Another Standalone Story

  1. Considering the only truly bad film in the stand-alone Predator series is the one intended to lead an ongoing, interconnected story, I’d certainly hope the next movie is free from the continuity snarl of modern cinematic universes. All I want are more stand-alone historical stories, which is where the franchise tends to shine the brightest.

    1. Thanks for reading and discussing James! I think we’re on the same page. It’s frustrating how many other factors get in the way of good story telling when it comes to modern cinema and television.

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