The One Ring’s Moria Expansion Hits Kickstarter – and is Fully Funded in Minutes

Free League Publishing’s The One Ring: Moria – Through the Doors of Durin and the alternate version Adventures in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Khazad-dûm 5E arrived on Kickstarter recently and were fully funded within 4 minutes. This is an epic campaign module which delves into the depths of Khazad-dûm.

The module is written by Gareth Hanrahan and overseen by Francesco Nepitello. The campaign is beautifully illustrated by Antonio De Luca, Giuditta Betti, Federica Costantini, Michele Galavotti, and Niklas Brandt.

For long ages, the great city of the Dwarrowdelf was the seat of Dwarven kings, and they were rich beyond measure in gold and Mithril. But a thousand years ago, Durin’s Bane arose and drove the Dwarves from their halls. The city fell into darkness, becoming an abode of Orcs, Goblins – and worse. Countless Orcs perished in the Battle of Five Armies. Maybe the Halls of Durin lie empty once more. Maybe there are piles of treasure there, waiting to be claimed. Maybe Mithril still glimmers in the mines under Caradhras. Cross the dread threshold, adventurer, and delve deep!

Free League Publishing.

All backers who pledge levels with physical rewards within the first 24 hours will receive a unique bonus art print of one of the cover art pieces.

If the module is successfully funded all backers will get early access to the PDF versions of the The One Ring: Moria – Through the Doors of Durin or Adventures in Middle Earth: Moria – Shadow of Khazad-dûm 5E soon after the Kickstarter ends.

The One Ring: Moria – Through the Doors of Durin includes:

  • And At The Gates, The Trumpets Rang: Rivals, allies and patrons in the quest for Moria, as well as a history of the Dwarven city from its founding to its fall.
  • Journeys in the Dark: Journey rules adjusted for underground exploration, Moria-specific Undertakings, and advice on running games and campaigns set in the city.
  • Fell Foes: lists the Orcs and other enemies that may be found in the city – and rules for risking an encounter with Durin’s Bane.
  • The Mansions of the Dwarves: the largest part of the book, describing Landmarks and hazards in the various regions of Moria.

The One Ring: Moria – Through the Doors of Durin describes the city of the Dwarves and the surrounding lands as they were in the last years of the Third Age. For each region of Moria, we describe Landmarks, factions and non-player characters that the Loremaster can use as desired.

The map can shift between games, continuing to surprise players.

There is no ‘true’ Moria — in one game, maybe the great quest of the heroes is to loot the fabled Treasure Vault of Uruktharbun. In another, the treasure vault might have lain broken and empty for a thousand years; in another, it never existed at all. Moria is to be explored cautiously; even the Wise cannot trust their memories in this place.

Free League Publishing

You can find The One Ring: Moria – Through the Doors of Durin on Kickstarter here.

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Source: Free League Publishing

Featured Image: Free League Publishing

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