Dimension 20 Headed to the UK & Ireland

UPDATE (9/6/23): Dimension 20 Live now has a second Dublin show. Tickets are available now.

Dublin Dimension 20 Live Dates (Image Credit: Dimension 20)

UPDATE (9/1/23): Our Intrepid Heroes added a second show in London. Tickets are available now. Tickets start at £41.75 (roughly $53).

London Dimension 20 Live Dates (Image Credit: Dimension 20)

The Saturday, April 20th show in London as well as the Glasgow and Dublin shows are nearly sold out. At the time of this post, only standing room is available in the London 20th show with VIP tickets only available in Glasgow.

Manchester is sold out. If the Dimension 20 Live adds another date, we will update this post with a direct link, so check back in upcoming days.

UPDATE (8/30/23): Tickets are now available and prices vary greatly.

Glasgow is currently the least expensive per seat with some tickets as low as £47 (roughly $60).

Manchester has the most expensive seats remaining (cheapest currently available at £112 or roughly $143) with the Adventuring Party package which is £133 (roughly $170).

Tickets for Dublin aren’t up on TicketMaster until September 1st, but based on the 3Olympia site, they’ll be cheaper than Manchester or London with some seats as low as €40.45 (roughly £35 or $44).

Stop back on September 1st for updates on ticket availability and pricing.

The original Intrepid Heroes are headed to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Some have already complained they aren’t including Wales while making the rounds, but those in the area will have four dates and four locations to see Zac Oyama, Emily Axford, Lou Wilson, Siobhan Thompson, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Brian Murphy, and Ally Beardsley.

UK & Ireland Tour Poster (Image Credit: Dimension 20)

Tickets will be available August 30th for 02 Priority and Artist Presale with General Admissions starting September 1st through TicketMaster.

Dimension 20 fans who cannot make the shows won’t have to miss out as recordings will be posted to Dropout. Campaigns have yet to be planned, but Boss Rush will keep an eye out for any further information.

If you’d like to be kept in the loop for more informal updates and to share in the excitement with other fans, come join us over on the Discord channel. If you’re planning on going, let’s know in the comments below!

Featured Image: Dimension 20

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