Capybaras battle zombies and other enemies.

PAX West 2023: Extremely Powerful Capybaras Is an Indie Must-Play

Created by Studio Bravarda, a Brazilian studio of six developers, Extremely Powerful Capybaras is an addictive cooperative multiplayer that can only be described as “button-less bullet hell.” Players team up to battle zombie capybaras, evil piranhas, and many other horrifying nightmares in an addictive gameplay loop that highly encourages working together in order to survive.

The game’s visuals are as beautiful as they are adorable, featuring animals and plants native to Brazil. “It was important to reflect our country in the colors and characters of the game,” explained Nicolas Leme, Creative Director for Studio Bravarda.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras offers a classic “easy to play, difficult to master” style of gameplay. For a game that is so challenging (we struggled to complete the 15-minute demo in order to win a capybara plushy–don’t worry we’ll be back!), it is incredibly accessible, something that is important to many folks in the gaming community today. The gameplay only requires use of directional input and a single action button; attacks are executed automatically, limited only by a cool-down timer that players can reduce with XP upgrades. This allows players to focus on directional inputs and using the dash action, which is the only gameplay feature activated by buttons at players’ discretion.

Despite the simple button scheme, the gameplay is challenging. Enemies often swarm and quickly overwhelm the cute capybaras. The game pushes players to collaborate for survival, a design philosophy that perfectly reflects the four-person local co-op mechanic. Players will want to talk with their fellow party members, yelling at one another from opposite ends of the couch, debating strategy while taking out enemies and nabbing XP drops.

Capybara Class Options

Players choose from four capybara classes, with each option only available once for selection. These classes are Druid, Warrior, Bard, Assassin; each of these specializes in an attack that varies from short range to intermediate to distance. When all four classes are in use, the team of capybaras is well defensed and attacks over a large area. The game really wants you to play with others.

Players share XP points gathered from fallen enemies and when enough is gained, a screen pops up that freezes the battle and allows players to select from four upgrade options. Players must reach agreement about which upgrades to choose, because once a player selects one, it becomes unavailable to the other players who have yet to choose. If the upgrades are not desirable, players can select a “roll again” option to generate four new options. Just don’t anger your fellow capybara mates who may have loved that last selection!

The various upgrade options allow for near endless character customizations that will allow for unique playthroughs each time. Players will definitely want to beat the game again and again, trying each capybara class.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras will launch on Steam December 5; however, the developer team hopes it will arrive on the Nintendo Switch and other major platforms in the future. An online demo of the game is currently available called Extremely Powerful Capybaras Training Grounds, though the game is still in the development stage and final improvements have yet to be added.


Extremely Powerful Capybaras is incredibly fun to play. While it may have been my first stop of the day at PAX West, it was the game I found myself thinking about most throughout my very busy afternoon. I can’t wait to purchase the game when it comes out and play couch co-op with my two kids.

After playing the demo and reflecting with fellow Boss Rush Network writer Tom, I wondered if the developers might add a toggle option to make attacks button-activated rather than timed. This would preserve the accessibility feature while allowing an additional layer of challenge for players. However, if the button-activated attacks became the “norm” for most players, it might negate the focus on accessibility that is so important to Nicolas Leme and the development team. For our part at Boss Rush Network, we can’t wait to play this game upon its release!

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Source: Studio Bravarda

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