Boss Rush Diaries: PAX West 2023, Day Two

September 02 marks the second day of PAX West 2023 in Seattle, Washington. Feeling a bit tired from Friday’s epic experience, Tom and David embark on their journey through the latest and best that gaming and gaming culture has to offer. The Boss Rush Network team arrives at the Seattle Convention Center at 10:00 a.m., just in time for their first appointment with Whitethorn Games for Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island.

David: Editor In Chief

Day two was filled with rewarding conversations and unexpected delights. I may have over-scheduled myself (something I seem to forget to avoid each time I cover PAX). The temptation to cram in as much as possible threatens one of the true joys of covering the conference: simply walking around and discovering the gems I could never have anticipated.

Getting to talk with the developer of Biomorph was a treat. The French Canadian programmer shared freely about the obstacles facing aspiring game developers, how it took him nearly 14 years to achieve his dreams, and what his latest project means to him. These are the moments I remember long after the demos end and my final article posts. Video games are works of art; and behind each expressive offering to an increasingly greedy and dismissive industry lies a human experience, dreams realized or unfulfilled, and most definitely a gift from the heart.

Another part of PAX I look forward to each time I cover the event is the food trucks and local restaurants; and this week I’ve FEASTED. From Brazilian fusion bowls to Greek gyros, I’ve eaten well. But today’s lunch break had to be my favorite.

Tom and I visited Juicy Cafe and loved every bite of the largely plant-based menu. I ordered the Thai Ginger Peanut Bowl and their PAX Crack juice blend to drink. Wow. If you find yourself at PAX West, I highly recommend stopping by for lunch!

The Art of Nintendo Power Exhibit showed off original artist renderings.

Finally, getting to see the Art of Nintendo Power was a special experience. Growing up, I regularly subscribed to the Nintendo of America magazine. I wish I could go back in time and make sure my collection didn’t get lost because they’ve become priceless artifacts of a bygone era. Sure, we still have gamer magazines like Game Informer and others, but nothing will ever match the anticipation and excitement of seeing that new issue of Nintendo Power show up in the mailbox.

The exhibit we visited today had several dozen framed pages from a range of issues of Nintendo Power, part of a private collection from video game preservation advocate and gaming historian Stephan Reese, who started the non-profit Interactive Art Collection to assist with these endeavors. Getting a chance to chat with him as he personally guided us through the exhibits was a privilege I won’t soon forget.

Tom: Associate Writer

Having a passion is a funny thing. PAX is the equivalent of an all day sugar rush for for people like me. I went in today with every intention of playing it cool and pacing myself. This is PAX we’re talking about. That simply would not be happening today. As soon as I got my hands on Big Boy Boxing by Soupmasters, and got to take an exclusive peek at Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island by Whitethorn Games, it was game over.

I was reminded of my love for this artistic medium everywhere I looked. To round out the afternoon, I checked out Button City Soccer Days by Subliminal Gaming with my Editor In Chief, David Lasby. We were surprised to learn that it’s actually a sequel to Button City, a story-driven game about saving an arcade. The low-poly art style was neat, and the experience made me want to check out Button City and play it for myself after PAX is over.

We can’t wait to share with you what we experience in day three of PAX West 2023!

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