Boss Rush Banter: Which Franchise Icons Deserve to be on the Mount Rushmore of Video Games?

There are four U.S. Presidents on the famous Mount Rushmore. The faces of Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Roosevelt are chiseled into this massive granite mountainside to commemorate who they were and what they accomplished. If there was a Mount Rushmore of video games, which four icons deserve to be on there?

It makes most sense that contenders for the Mount Rushmore of gaming would not only be famous, but part of a franchise that influenced the industry. This would mostly lend to older IP, but it is not a requirement.

For me, Pac-Man, Mario, Cloud, and Master Chief would make my four key video game icons deserving a place on this hypothetical Mount Rushmore.

Pac-Man has been one of the most iconic and revolutionary characters that has been around for about forty-plus years. It made its home in arcades and consoles alike.

Pac-Man has surely influenced the video game industry
Image Credit: Google

Mario is a clear candidate as Nintendo’s primary mascot and most successful platforming hero. If you’re looking for a solid platformer, you turn to Mario. Cloud is one possible candidate, but I believe a Final Fantasy representative deserves to be chiseled into stone for all eternity. It is still a strong franchise to date, filled with deep storytelling, fleshed out characters, a sense of adventure, and plenty of RPG elements.

Image Credit: Square Enix via Fortress

Finally, we need someone to represent shooters, and no one else is more fitting than Master Chief. As the protagonist of the Halo series, which kicked off in 2001, he is the first person I think of with first-person shooters.

Who would be your four characters that best represent gaming on a hypothetical Mount Rushmore of video games? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord.

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